Of Lawyers and Cheesecake

Squiggy said to me the other day that we should have a reality show about us. I personally think it would be pretty boring, but then, there are those moments…..like last night.

Wednesday nights the boys spend a little time with their other parent, and I generally hang out with a girlfriend. It’s my one night a week to socialize. Last night I spent time with Lady Diddliedee. We went out for a great dinner, onion soup and sushi. Tried to find cheesecake – yeah, kosher cheesecake in Montreal at 7.30pm on a Wednesday night – apparently this provincial backwater is not set up that way. I jokingly texted the KoD to ask him to run to the Purple Pear and get us some and then meet us in Lake George.

So we got back to my house, and within minutes the boys returned full of energy and pep. I sent them all to their rooms to get ready for bed while I schmoozed with Lady Diddliedee.. Prince HockeyFan showed up in the living room, wanting to lodge a formal complaint against Prince ChatterBox.

All of a sudden we had a mock courtroom set up and much hilarity ensued. HockeyFan presented the case for the prosecution, and ChatterBox was called upon to defend his action of annoying his older brother. I was the judge and Lady D was the court reporter or interested bystander. There was much use of the word allegedly and the defendant had a very difficult time of testifying without getting a severe case of the giggles. We had no jury as it was totally a kangaroo court. I had some really good lines, but this morning I cannot remember one. But it was funny. Lady D and I were totally in fits.

Final arguments for the prosecution and the defense were heard, the defendant finally pleaded guilty and was sentenced to spend the night in his bed forthwith with no time off for good behaviour. Everyone was pleased with the outcome, the press was dealt with, and the prisoner removed to his cell. The prosecutor patted himself on the back for a job well done, and was sent to bed too. Oh the injustice of it all.

I gently told Lady D that when her adorable and cute little kids grow up her house will be just as “busy” although I may have used the word insane…

Just another day in the palace of the Queen of Hearts…..

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