Chicken or the egg

We had an interesting debate around our Shabbat table last night. If you shecht (ritually slaughter) a chicken, and there was an egg inside it practically ready to be laid, is that egg pareve or is it fleishig?

We had arguments for pareve, and arguments for fleishig. Comparisons were drawn between a live cow and a dead cow. While the cow is alive the milk is milchig, but once is has been shechted the milk becomes fleishig. Therefore by this reasoning the egg is fleishig. But, countered another brother, min-haTorah (from the Torah) chicken isn’t really supposed to be fleishig anyway, so maybe the egg is pareve.

The boys asked me to ask my readers who know more than we do to let us know their thoughts and what halacha says.

Thank you.

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6 responses to “Chicken or the egg

  1. Lady Lock and Load

    The egg found inside a chicken is fleishig.

  2. depends on the stage of development. there is a siman in yoeh deah in the shulchan aruch detailing the different stages.

  3. does that mean that I can use the “fleishig” milk from the dead cow to make cream of chicken soup?

  4. michael Moshkovitz

    comparing an unlaid egg to cow milk is not really correct. if a comparison can be made the case will be more of comparing the egg to a live unborn calf, does not nead shchita to be eaten. milk is a product from the blood of the cow, that is meant to feed the calf, an egg is the baby itself therefore can not be compared to the milk. an unlaid egg is parev if it has no blood, just like a laid egg. and if the egg is fertalized and has blood, then it is taref to start with and not in the category of meet or dairy or parev at all. once upon a time you could buy the chicken with the unhatched eggs in it, inside a bag. I am pretty sure that this is parev, although there would be a sentimental phsycological barier for people to consider it parev, even though it is parev.

  5. Lady Lock and Load

    When we found eggs inside a chicken my mother told me they were fleishig.

  6. Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 87:5. If the egg is finished developing(as in your case) it is pareve and permitted to be eaten with milk. Exact wording of the Shulchan Aruch:

    Eggs that have finished developing that are found in chickens, meaning that if
    they have chelbon (white) and a chelmon (yolk) even though they are m’ura b’giddim, are called complete and are permitted to eat with milk.
    But if they have only completed the chelmon stage of development they are assur to cook with milk. However at this stage if they were eaten it would be permitted to eat cheese or milk afterwards.

    What the exact stages of devlopment are comes under serious debate in the meforshim, however, a complete egg is fairly simple.

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