Dear Selfish Neighbour

I am feeling sick enough today, thank you very much, that I do not need your cigarette smoke drifting into my apartment through the bathroom vents. I choose not to smoke, nor to be around people who smoke. You are not supposed to smoke in our apartment building. You are told to smoke outside on your balcony. Smoking in the bathroom affects more than just your lungs.

Stub it out.


I wish I could vomit through the vent so you would get hit with it.

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6 responses to “Dear Selfish Neighbour

  1. Is there a management company you could talk to? How long have u been neighbors? Y not go directly next door, and as sweetly as you can, kick their A .. No…Only kidding, ask them to follow the rules of the building.

  2. Is this the same old guy you saw shuffling around in his saggy drawers?

  3. Lady Lock and Load

    Those visas can’t come soon enough so you can BREATHE!

  4. I *HATE* cigarette smoke. I’ll always remember my downstairs neighbor in Israel that would smoke on his front balcony and the smoke would waft up right into my apartment.

    The choice was close all the windows and stifle or suffer from the smoke.

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