Mini Rant

You disturb family time with your phone call. You say you are doing a survey, do I have a few minutes. I try to be nice to you folk. I say ok. Then you ask if I speak French at home. I say no. You say, sorry, our English quota has been filled, thank you. Click. Pfffft.

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6 responses to “Mini Rant

  1. We don’t answer the phone in our house during dinner. To be more accurate, recently after getting caller ID, we glance at who it is calling, and then we don’t answer it (except in the very rare case that the call is important enough* to us to interrupt our family dinner). And we really don’t answer it, not even for parents, in-laws, and other relatives.

    * An example of important (the only example I can think of right now) would be my grandmothers lifewatch service.

    • i usually don’t pick up but it showed unknown name unknown number, and thats what shows up when my family calls from Israel…

  2. Wow – that must have been right around the time we also got that phone call. The hubs lied that he doesn’t speak French (besides we were having supper) and hang up.

  3. Lady Lock and Load

    My oldest daughter was great at answering the phonecalls from such people. For example…someone called and asked “Is your mother home?” so she asked him “Is YOUR mother home???” I taught her well 😉 Or maybe she gets it from my father who once got a call on his business line….hello, can you send over a pepperoni pizza? My father answered “It will be over right away sir!!!” (my father sold phonographic needles!)

  4. I usually politely and firmly say that “we are not interested”. I can be quite harsh at times, but I assuage my conscience with the knowledge that they do get paid to try to annoy me.

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