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Poll for divorced parents

When your child is / children are with the other parent – how often do you call on the phone? Do you feel like you are imposing? Or just keeping lines of communication open? When the kids are with you and their other parent calls to speak to them do you see that as an imposition? How often is too often to call when the kids are not with you? What system do you find works best for you? Are you the custodial or non custodial parent, or do you have shared custody?

I am trying to figure out whether I call my kids too much when they are not with me, or whether I fall into the normal range. (I called them twice this weekend, but they know they can call me at any time and they do.)

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She’s Baaaaaack!

I am back in Montreal, safe and sound after a phenomenal long weekend with the KoD. It still surprises me how much more in love with him I fall every time I see him. In two week’s time we will be celebrating a year of marriage. I remember so well on the day we pledged our foreverness to each other, that I loved him with every ounce of my being. I had no clue at that time how much more that love would grow and be nurtured. I had no idea that a year in, I would still get lost in his eyes and feel weak at the knees every time he looked at me.

The drive down with Empress CaresALot and her kids was uneventful and fun, and having company on this drive really relieved my usual six hour boredom. On the drive back her son definitely deserved the honour of being called the Other Prince ChatterBox. Bless his cotton socks. How many times did he recite Green Eggs and Ham from memory, oh lady Empress?

The weekend itself was a blur of activity – the time passed by so quickly that I am not even sure where it went. Every time I go down we do a lot to get the house as ready as possible for us, so that when the BIG MOVE finally happens (may it be soon, amen) there will be as little as possible to do and we can concentrate fully on settling the kids.

We visited Bed Bath and Beyond (twice – I am so in love) and Home Depot, and my absolute favourite store in the whole world – Shop Rite. I am sure there will come a time that it will become just the grocery store to me, but I am still amazed at the array of products that one can buy there that are kosher. I even got to check out the DMV – I was surprised that they had contemporary pop music playing in the background. Doesn’t happen up here. I ran to the library to get some good reading material for Shabbat, and I ran some errands for the KoD while he got some work done.

We had awesome Shabbat meals at different friends – the people in KoD’s community has opened their hearts and houses to us, and always welcome us so warmly. We are truly blessed to be part of this big Jewish family. There were so many people I had wanted to visit and spend time with, but due to the cold weather and the sheer busy-ness it just didn’t come to happen. There is always next time, right?

I am now “home” – though somehow, home is where the heart is, and a big huge chunk of mine is in NY with my KoD, but another big huge chunk is here waiting for my kiddliwinks to come home after their weekend with their dad. I cannot wait until these huge chunks are reunited forever.

I am off to unpack and unwind. (and to inspect my ears and compare them to the passport pic….)

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