Purim Costumes

The boys want to dress up all together this year. When they told me that it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. They love each other that much that they want to do something together without me having to bang heads to make it happen. Aw how sweet. Yeah. The feeling didn’t last long at all.

What is their idea? They told me a spoof on Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Ok, I say, what’s your spoof? Well, ok Ima, “Gedaliah and the three beers”. Apparently I need to buy 3 cases of different Canadian beers, so they can use the boxes and empty cans as their costume. Purim is in 3 weeks, and that means having to drink through three two-fours of beer. That’s 72 cans of beer. I love my kids, I adore them to distraction. But apparently I don’t love them enough because I am not willing to get rip roaringly drunk for the next 3 weeks. Would any of you be willing to make the sacrifice?

I shall send them to look for beer boxes behind the SAQ if they are that desperate.

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9 responses to “Purim Costumes

  1. LOL!! I bet HaSafran would help you drink thru them 😉

    At least they are creative!

  2. Can’t you just pour out the beer?

  3. Lady Lock and Load

    Can they dress up like visas, so you can move here already??? 🙂

  4. Why dafka Canadian beers? There’s only one beer and that’s Heineken. I have one box available if they’re interested! Cheers. Lechaim. Proost!

    • Ick. And double ick.

      I wouldn’t wear that box, on Purim or otherwise, even if you told me there was a 24-pack of Harp hiding in it.

  5. have a party. 🙂 byofood?

  6. LOL- just ask the yeshivah bochers. I’m SURE they have plenty of what tyour boys are looking for!

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