Gosh darn it, didn’t realize being considerate was too much to ask for from a male person, according to this ad. Please let me know how you feel after watching it.

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10 responses to “Sheesh

  1. So nice to know that men haven’t evolved past the stone age.

  2. I thought it was a good ad. Maybe a little heavy-handed, but I could see where it’d definitely have appeal. The sad truth is, way too many men in today’s American society feel this way, and act accordingly. Having worked abroad, especially with colleagues and family in Latin America and Israel – I can tell you that the typical North American/European man is emasculated by comparison.

    Does that mean they should be rude, inconsiderate, or uncouth? Absolutely not. A real man knows how to treat a woman with respect, but he does it out of inner strength – not weakness. Think of John Wayne in “The Quiet Man” especially at the end when he decides to take a stand for Maureen O’Hara and stands up to her loutish brother-in-law.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents on the issue…

  3. How sad. As if men have to ‘behave’ in order to get what they want…to depict men as victims in their home relationship and victors in their car choices? Seems demeaning to men to me!!

  4. Why do we need to dissect it? It is just an ad. It’s meant to get people to notice it and talk.

    It seems to have achieved it’s objective.

  5. Oh, please. It’s just an ad, and a parody about what some men supposedly have to do to please women.

    I hope that women aren’t THAT demanding in what they want of men. I think that is the humor in this ad, in that men have to put up with so much in order to drive the car they want.

    (Incidentally, I just saw one instance of a grammatical irritation I mentioned in a previous post. “Its” is the possessive; it is NOT spelled “it’s”! 🙂 )

    • you would hold your wife’s purse without a problem….never mind, i know you would. You would do anything for her. Move along…nothing to see here

  6. Ooh! Behavior is so bad, it’s actually evil *sigh* I find those kind of adds annoying. (But I’d want the car, looks nice. I wouldn’t share it, though 😉 )

  7. I didn’t mind the commerical at all. It is not necessarily what he does for a woman… he could get in bed with a man… As someone said: this is a commercial. If the advertisers don’t grab the public with the Superbowl commercials, it will be more difficult. Anyway… they do pay a lot of $ for the ads. What about the Dorita one.? I really liked it as well.

  8. The spoof is here:

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