Super Bowl #44

I watched it. More for the commercials that anything else, truth be told! Thing is we are not into what the Americans call football* in this house, being more a hockey house than anything else. But the Super Bowl is a tradition, and we watch every year.

I was very much looking forward to watching with my boys, but the little stinkers defected and went over to their uncle’s house to watch with the MEN! No women allowed. Harumph. They said that my comments last year were just too girlie (I was worried they would not get the grass stains out of those tight white pants the players wore) and they need to watch it in a girl-free zone. (Or as my 7 year old put it – a free-girl zone).

That didn’t stop me from watching though. But I wasn’t really watching it alone as I had my laptop with me and watched with my twitter buddies all over the world. I still do not understand the game at all. Downs and lines across the field. They play for 5 seconds and then have a 5 minute break where we got to see the most horrendous commercials. (Male pantlessness was a theme in the commercials). I cracked open a beer or two hoping that after some alcohol was imbibed the game might suddenly make sense. Nope. Didn’t.

In the middle of the lame halftime show (The Who got so old) the KoD called. I missed most of the rest of the halftime show and the rest of the game, except for the last 10 minutes. Hey, no game is more important than speaking with my man. And yes, I turned the TV off in order to speak to him. Every so often he would update me with the score – I guess he checked online.

There were some really funny tweets, and some amazing celebratory ones as the Saints totally creamed the other team. I am so looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics with my tweeps, specifically the figure skating. Now, that is going to be a hoot. That sport, I understand the rules. I have watched it since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I can hold my own.

My favourite commercial was this Doritos one.

*Football to me is what the Americans call Soccer, or what my mother has eloquently termed “men kicking balls”.

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9 responses to “Super Bowl #44

  1. What can we learn from a superbowl ad? the value of a moment

  2. the downs are pretty simple- basically when the team has the ball they have 4 tries (Each try called a “Down”) to move the ball at least 10 yards down the field (Towards the other team’s end zone- the place where they go for the touchdowns).

    The lines on the screen are the line they are starting at for that down, and the 10 yard line that they have to get the ball past. The 10 yards is a ‘total’ for the 4 downs, it doesn’t have to be all in one down- so if they move the ball 4 yards forward on the first down they have 3 more ‘tries’ (or downs) to get the last 6 yards.

    If/When they get past the 10 yards within 4 downs, they start over with 4 more tries (downs) to move the ball another 10 yards. If they can’t move the ball at least 10 yards (total) in 4 tries, then the ball goes to the other team.

    • that actually makes sense. How come none of the males could explain it to me that simply? Like, if I didn’t have football rules in my DNA I am not going to get it?

      Thank You Abandoning Eden. Thank you muchly.

      • Hadassah, there ARE books on the market that explain American football to women. If you are really interested, you may want to research them for the next Super Bowl.

      • Thank my midwestern football-loving husband. 🙂 Before him I was equally clueless, and it’s very mysterious if you don’t know the rules, but once you learn them it’s actually pretty simple (still trying to figure out all the things you can get penalties for though…).

        Actually, the thanksgiving after I first met my husband I went to my parents house, and explained the rules to my dad and watched part of a game with him- he had never known the rules either. 🙂

  3. QoH, you didn’t ask. 🙂

  4. What really annoys me about the Super Bowl is that it is one of the only things today that uses Roman numerals. Technically, it was not Super Bowl 44, it was Super Bowl XLIV (I have decided to boycott the Roman numerals in the future and refer to it with regular numerals.)

    Is it just me, or does it annoy anyone else that they still use Roman numerals? Do people even learn Roman numerals anymore? Incidentally, do you realize that it usually takes MORE characters to write the Roman numerals than regular numerals? (Examples: 13 (two characters) takes up less space than XIII (four characters), 23 (two) than XXIII (five), 33 (two) than XXXIII (six), 44 (two) than XLIV (four), 58 (two) than LVIII (five), etc.)

    I wonder how long it will be before the NFL realizes this and gets into the real world–Super Bowl 44 is just as good with regular numerals.

  5. As to the Who [“The Who got so old”] – surely you mean those of’m Who are still alive?

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