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Open Letter to Men – part two

We women would like to ask you to kindly think before you open your mouths. You know we are very into our appearance. You know that, and if you didn’t – what do you think we were doing staring in the mirror for so long and so often, primping and preening? Pointing out that we have a pimple on our face is extremely uncool. Do you honestly think we are so clueless as to not realize that Vesuvius Minor is erupting on our face? Do you think you are being helpful by pointing out the obvious? Telling us you thought we would want to know, is not a good save. Saying “oh I thought maybe it was a rash” – nope, doesn’t wash. Basically, you are saying, “you have a huge zit on your face and man, is it ugly!! So ugly and obvious, that I, your clueless male relative, have noticed it when I usually don’t notice a new haircut for six weeks.”

When you are eleven, and you point this out to your maternal unit, you’re lucky when you have older siblings to put you firmly in your place and teach you this very important lesson. Much safer for you, than to have that very same female parental unit teach you that lesson. Those brothers of yours learnt this lesson the hard way. That nasty intake of breath by your older brothers after the comment was made was oh so eloquent. I knew my facial integrity was going to be defended. Your future wives will thank me for teaching you all of these lessons.

As for you grown up men who have made such a comment (you know who you are) – learn your lesson. Never ever tell your woman she is fat, has a zit on her face, or her hair style doesn’t suit her. When in doubt, dear sirs, just tell her she is perfect for you, and take her out and buy her jewellery or dinner. Or both.

Please note, when your woman asks you why you didn’t tell her she had a hair growing out of her chin, or a pimple developing on her nose, do not tell her you know you are not allowed to mention it. Just tell her that you didn’t notice, because she is always beautiful to you. Do not ever quote your wife back at her. You cannot and will never win. Do I make myself clear?

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