Boys Boys Boys

Why do they not notice when they smell? Seriously! My boys all shower every morning. It wakes them up and they are fresh smelling and clean for school. One of the older ones came home from school yesterday, and it was extremely obvious that he had been running around all day long. He really needed to shower and deodorize. In his school they do not change their clothes for gym, and they certainly do not have any showers there, so they can’t exactly shower after gym. (A rant for a different day). They all have deodorant in their lockers, but that can only mask so much even when they remember to use it.

He came home, and we schmoozed about the day, and I asked him politely to go take a shower and get comfortable. He didn’t feel like it. Sweetie, I think it’s best that you take a shower now. Nah, Ima, I’m cool. I took one this morning. The soft approach was totally not working.  Eventually I looked him in the eye, and told him that he smelled very ripe and needed to take a shower NOW. He got all offended and stomped off, complaining how I am obsessed with cleanliness, how he showers in the morning, and he doesn’t smell, and life just isn’t fair. But he got in the shower, and I stole his dirty clothes out of his room so he wouldn’t put them back on. (Do your boys do that? I cannot figure that one out!!)

When he had come out, got himself dressed and was calm I asked him how I should go about asking him to shower next time, when he really needs it and doesn’t realize it,  without him getting all stroppy with me. Telling him that he stinks is rude and offensive – something one of his brothers would say, not me. So I expected him to come up with a code or a cool catchphrase. No. At sleep-away camp his counselor had told them they needed to shower in a unique way. He wanted me to tell him the same way. “You smell like a horse, hit the showers”. He says if I ask him that way he won’t fight me. It just seems mean though.

Everyone tells me that once these boys discover girls they won’t need to be reminded about showering and deodorant and grooming etc. But what do I do in the interim? Invest in a gas mask?

Helpful tips desperately needed.

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16 responses to “Boys Boys Boys

  1. My Evan is 17. And yes he does have autism but he is also a typical teenage boy. And ripe doesn’t even come close. Not only do I have to remind him to shower but the water mesmerizes him and he doesn’t use soap so what comes out is marginally better than what went in! I have anti-perspirant everywhere in the house and in the car. Axe spray helps when we can’t reach soap and water. But I also don’t get why he won’t wear clean clothes????? On Sunday we had to leave for Religious School. Obviously didn’t use soap (sigh) and had we enough time I would have made him go back in (now THAT’S a fight!) but then he was wearing a dirty shirt which, if possible, smelled worse than HE did!

    He is suddenly very interested in girls and wants a girlfriend. I told him if he went to Religious School smelling like a ripe burrito, no girl would ever come near him. He did change his shirt, reapply the DO for the BO and I think sprayed himself but sheesh.

    It’s like being trapped with a rancid bottle of salsa!

  2. The nice thing is that horses can’t talk back…unless of course the horse of course is the famous Mister Ed!

  3. “Everyone tells me that once these boys discover girls they won’t need to be reminded about showering and deodorant and grooming etc. ”

    as i read this post i was thinking it is an arugument in favor of coed schooling. although, in coed schools the personal care and grooming goes too far in the other extreme

    • how so?

      • i went to coed schools. you can bet that from the day the very first pubescent hormones started firing we made sure to smell like roses and dress well.
        but there was a heavy load of materialism in the school and you can also bet that our desire to dress well (and in brand names of course) to impress the little ladies went overboard.

  4. I am eagerly watching this post for suggestions too! LOL My 11 yo son, has recently started smelling bad, and hubby just flat out told him that he stunk bad and we got him some deodorant. I feel like I have to keep on both boys to get them to wash properly, change their undies (thats a big one, because I notice when I do laundry and only 1 pair of undies comes through in 3 days… yuck!)and brush their teeth.

    • why can they not remember to change undies? you go into the shower, come out and put clean ones on. it’s not brain surgery, but apparently they don’t get it!! frustrates me too.

  5. I don’t remember ever being told that I smelled like BO. Since my son is 9.5 I still have a little time before things get too nasty.

    All I can say is this part of the joy of being a kid- arguing with mom.

  6. Put them into a dance class. My son has been a dancer since he was 3…all types (jazz, ballet, hip hop, tap…you name it). He spends all his time with girls. You can be sure he doesn’t want to smell bad, especially when he has to partner with a girl. And he’s in class with them getting sweaty! He’s 15 and a half now and very interested in girls. He carries DO with him and a small can of spray cologne (Axe?), but he always manages to smell okay even though he dances about 3-4 hours a day. So, I say: Place them in a room full of lots and lots of girls. The girls will let them know if they smell.

  7. Lady Lock and Load

    and boys won’t tell other boys that they smell like a barn? Don’t men and boys have olfactory nerves?

  8. Every time I was required for some reason to enter my boys’ high school building, my nasal passages were positively ASSAULTED by the odor.

    The entire building had the aroma of old gym socks ALL THE TIME.

  9. Lady Lock and Load

    Teenage boys AND girls are smelly, I think it has something to do with their raging hormones. I used to spray deoderant or febreeze in the armpits of their clothes. and plenty of shpritzes of air freshener to unstinkify rooms, fling open windows, etc.

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