….is always suspicious when there are four kids in the house. Last night there was much whispering, and then dead silence for a few minutes. I knew the boys were up to something, but I wanted to see how it played out.

Not too much later all four of them knocked on my open bedroom door and asked to come in. They had huge smiles on their gorgeous little faces. The oldest handed me an envelope. It had a Happy Anniversary card in it, for me and the KoD, signed by all of the kids, with a couple of them adding their last name, in case I wasn’t sure who it was from. I bawled like a baby, they rolled their eyes, and we had a group hug.

I was very impressed that they did this on their own, went to get the card with their own money without my knowledge. I called the KoD straightaway to tell him. His first comment – did you cry? Am I that much of a sap? Yeah…..ok.

Here it is…..

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8 responses to “Silence….

  1. So sweet and thoughtful of them! You are raising them beautifully, Hadassah and should be rightfully proud of them. Hearty mazel tov to you and KoD on your first anniversary!

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    where are the kiddy signatures, that’s the best part!

  3. Really sweet! You must be a proud mama..with very good reason.
    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Wonderful kids! You are truly blessed.

  5. That is the nicest, sweetest thing!

  6. Wow! Considering how much my mom would (and still has to) nag us to make B-day cards for each other- this was a very special gesture.

  7. You have really great kids!!

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