A quick hair covering question

Those of you who cover your hair in public, do you cover at home? Or does it depend who comes over?


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32 responses to “A quick hair covering question

  1. I generally take it off at home, unless we have guests.

  2. I will uncover in front of females but not males, not even my brothers or father

  3. I cover even when I’m alone unless I get some sort of crazy itch that requires scratching, then cover goes back on.

  4. I don’t cover my hair at home unless I am having someone over that I know might be offended..I have some relatives like that.

    • you are worried about offending them in YOUR house? wow that’s sensitive of you. I would be respectful in someone else’s house but if I didn’t cover at home, not sure i would for relatives. Maybe for the Rabbi….

  5. my mom does not cover her hair at home, except when lighting shabbas/yuntif candles or when guests are over, but always covers her hair when leaving the house.

    do you cover your hair at home?

    • currently, no. Unless the boys are having friends over. Depends who else drops by if I will or not. Someone told me i had to cover in front of my sons, but I refuse. Someone said i have to cover in front of my 10 year old step son for sure because he isnt blood family. i don’t agree. truth is, at home I want to be comfortable. I haven’t quite decided where I stand on it….

  6. i only cover at home in front of men except for my father, husband, son (& maybe my brother too). i do cover in front of my father-in-law & all other men who come to my house but i generally don’t cover in front of women at my house but of course if both men & women are over, i would cover…

  7. Lady Lock and Load

    I cover my hair all the time at home, this way I don’t have to make a dash for a snood if someone comes by unexpected. My husband also does not say a bracha if my hair is uncovered so it’s just easier this way. Covering my hair was thankfully very easy for me and I even wore a shaitel to my wedding the whole time. I understand that for many it is a big issue, the whole head covering thing.

  8. always covered until late evening… but if i’m like just out of the shower or pregnant and cant stand to put it on, i wont bother if a girlfriend comes over.

  9. When I used to cover my hair, I didn’t cover it in my own home.

  10. I know I don’t have to cover it in front of females, but like lady LLL it’s easier to just keep it covered and not worry about people dropping by unexpectedly. However, I’m not so makpid and there are times I’ll uncover for physical comfort; but that feels weird too.

    What if you always cover in front of men, and men can see you from your window? My kitchen is in the front of my house and there is a window above the sink. So if I wash dishes with my hair uncovered, all male passersby will get an eyeful 🙂

    • I read a while back about a man being arrested in his own home for being naked and someone being able to see his nakedness from the street….not that this is comparable..

    • i remember learning about hair covering that if a woman was in her house or chatzer/courtyard then she didn’t have to & that it was only required when out of her home/courtyard but i will admit that i learned this over 20 years ago & the details are a bit fuzzy…if i am remembering correctly though, then in that case, technically, i shouldn’t have to cover my hair in my house even when men are around but that is just my preference. occasionally a man may see my uncovered head from the window but generally if i notice a male neighbor walking by, i will lower the curtains or move away from the window just for my own comfort.

      • BATYA:

        “i remember learning about hair covering that if a woman was in her house or chatzer/courtyard then she didn’t have to”

        i remember hearing a shita like this.
        when i was in yeshivah in israel one of my teachers brought me and two others to his father-in-law, r. mordechai breuer, for the seder. we were shocked that r. breuer’s wife was bareheaded. we later asked the son-in-law about it and he cited this shita.

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