Target Practice

One of my tweeps in Israel was complaining this morning about her little boys. She in fact was bemoaning the necessity of sharing a bathroom with them and craving a bathroom of her own. Some others chimed in. When I was looking for an apartment a few years back one of my main criteria was that there should be two separate bathrooms. One for me, and one for my boys. I am thrilled to have my own bathroom.

I don’t get it. How difficult is it to aim and shoot in the toilet bowl? Mothers of boys all over the world are nodding with me, understanding the issue. I used to think perhaps it was just my boys, but was relieved (scuse the pun) to learn that it is quite a universal thing. I make my boys clean their bathroom. I was hoping that once they had cleaned and mopped up their own spillage that it would teach them to be more target oriented. Sadly, that did not work.

I remember a few years back seeing a Lysol commercial where the boy was in the bathroom doing his business, and a sibling or parent called to him, he turned his head, which made the rest of his body turn, toward the voice, and realized he was watering the floor, and turned back to finish. I giggled because it just rang so true.

So, moms of boys – what are your tricks to get them to aim and fire accurately? Or should we just give up and hand them over the mop and disinfectant?

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14 responses to “Target Practice

  1. batya from NJ

    that’s funny that you wrote about that today b/c that was one of my fb friend’s status updates today. something about wanting to install a hidden camera in the bathroom to determine which of her sons was the culprit :)!

  2. There seems to be a trick with a fly:
    Paint a fly in the toilet bowl, in a spot where it won’t spill when they hit it.
    Seems to work…

    • i loved this line: “So what do you think most men do? That’s right, they aim at the fly when they urinate. They don’t even think about it, and they don’t need to read a user’s manual; it’s just an instinctive reaction”

  3. “So, moms of boys – what are your tricks to get them to aim and fire accurately?”

    eh, big deal. oh wait, that’s why you addressed the question to moms and not dads.

  4. Cheerios.

  5. I think it’s genetic – my older boy has NEVER been a problem pee-er. I thought other moms were exaggerating. Then my little one came along 4 years behind (he’s 5 now), and he just can’t stand still while he’s going. Just like the commercial, looks around, wiggles, etc.
    Also, he’s so funny, he strips nakey when he goes #2. Every time. Annoying, but funny.

  6. Well, for one thing, it’s easier for women – you sit down, ergo, everything goes where it’s supposed to.
    For men (and yes, I say men, not just boys), the bathroom is more like a video game. Aim the firehose at the target; not everyone has good aim. Never know when the pressure is gonna change, thereby throwing off your aim. Also, there are DISTRACTIONS in there that mess with your aim (I never noticed the pattern on the wall does that; why does the fan spin in that direction and not the other; if I move the mirrors like this, I can watch myself from 3 different angles – COOL!).
    Really, Hadassah, it’s a wonder that we manage to get ANY in the bowl at all.

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