Ah Spam!

Sometimes I read through my SPAM folder because really, the emails that I sometimes get totally crack me up. Usually it’s some guy in Nigeria asking me for money so I can claim 12 million pounds, or someone selling drugs to improve and enhance my life.

This morning I had a letter in my SPAM folder from the FBI!!

Of course Gmail is awesome and had attached a little message to the email saying the email might not be from who it’s purported to be from. Duh, that’s why its in my SPAM folder.

What cracked me up was the red-underlined phrase. I mean, really!!

The letter then asked me for $298.00 so they can release my approval slip for the procurement fund….what that has to do with Internet Wiretapping I do not know. The officer to get in touch with? Mr John Smith. Hmmm. Thing is, although I KNOW this a total hoax, I am sure many people might be taken in by it. If it doesn’t go to SPAM and doesn’t have a warning on it, it says FBI – who’s to know if its authentic or not.

People – any scheme where you have to pay money in order to receive money is a SCAM. Pure and simple. Be careful.

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5 responses to “Ah Spam!

  1. EsotericEsther

    I got a similar e-mail, but in mine the FBI was offering me a job. My dream came true!

  2. EsotericEsther

    Only $250! How reasonable for such a high powered government job!

  3. I had one interaction with the FBI when i was in graduate school. A fellow who graduated the year before I did was being investigated for a security clearance. One day, I was going about my business in the hall of the building when this little roly-poly guy comes up to me and said, “Are you S___”. “Yes”, I said, “Can I help you?” Then he flashed his badge and shouted “FBI!” Only after scaring the bejeepers out of me did he explain what he wanted. From this I conclude that if the FBI really wants to contact you, you will know it unambiguously.

  4. I’m sure you were relieved to find out that you’re very much alive 😉

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