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What not to do at the border

Thankfully this is NOT my own border story, for once. Friday morning I was waiting patiently in line at the border to show my passport, answer the requisite questions, and drive on towards my KoD.

There was somewhat of a line up. How it works is that there is a bunch of HUGE stop signs about 40 feet from the actual booth. When there is a car at the guard’s booth you wait by the stop signs till you are signaled by the guard to come ahead.

The car in front of the car in front of me (ie second car ahead of me) drove ahead to the booth. The car in front of me got all excited and shot off after it. Drove right up behind that car. Big huge no-no. Border guards came running from all directions. Made him roll down his window, made him back up to before the stop signs and wait his turn like he should have originally. One of them pointed out the six stop signs with exaggerated motions.

When it eventually got to his turn, the border guard kept him for at least 15 minutes. He kept handing more papers over to the guard. Another guard came over and walked around the car, looked under it, opened the trunk, unzipped a few suitcases. More questions. (I think initially I experienced total schadenfreude that they had found someone else to annoy for once).

Finally I saw the guard motioning to the driver to pull over by the immigration and customs building. I guess they weren’t finished with him. Honestly, I felt sorry for the dude by this point. He made a mistake and drove 40 feet a little too early…..did he deserve to be questioned so thoroughly? Did that make him a suspicious person? I do hope they finally let him go on to his destination.

BH I made it through within 2 minutes of driving up to the booth.  I was dying to ask the guard about the guy but that’s not something that would have been a smart move.

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WWYD – clothes

I have asked a few friends this question lately, and I figured I would ask you, my readers, for your opinions and experiences.

Situation: you are getting ready to go out somewhere with your spouse / partner, and you don’t like what they are wearing, do you :

  • A) Tell them they should change and explain why;
  • B) Ask them “are you really wearing that?”
  • C) Say nothing but expect your partner to pick up on your vibes and change; OR
  • D) Keep your mouth shut so as not to hurt feelings and just continue on with your evening?

If you are the target of “are you wearing that? I don’t like it” do you :

  • A) Change immediately to please your spouse, putting aside your own feelings;
  • B) Say you will change, but you ask for a detailed explanation of why it’s necessary;
  • C) Try to understand what bothers your spouse, and convince them why they are wrong;
  • D) You don’t care, this is what you want to wear. If s/he doesn’t like it, tough noogies.

Looking forward to reading your responses…

Edited To Add Another Question: If your partner asks you your opinion about something s/he is wearing or is planning to wear, is honesty always the best policy?

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