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WWYD – clothes that drive you crazy

Having had brothers, being married, and being in the process of raising four boys I know a thing or two about males and their clothing habits. Most males I should say.

For example: If it isn’t IN the hamper they might pick it up off the floor and wear it again. If it was only in the hamper for one night it doesn’t count and can still be worn. Of course these all are subject to the sniff test.  Haven’t seen the sniff test make something be put back in the laundry yet.

That bothers me, but with patience and education (read “nagging”) I am finally getting somewhere with my progeny.

What frustrates my girlfriends and me more is the wearing of clothes that should have been consigned to the rubbish a long time ago. You know, those boxers that are holes held together with a wish and a prayer and that are so worn even using them as dusters is no use. The jeans that are so faded and frayed and reminiscent of the owner’s misspent youth that don’t really do him any justice. The Hawaiian shirt that he will wear out of the house and totally embarrass you with – nothing is louder than dancing hula girls all over your man’s upper torso. The shirts that have stains on them that can be identified. The lucky socks that can never be washed. The tee shirt he wore when the Canadiens last won the Stanley Cup…The list goes on.

Are you the kind of spouse that will throw this stuff away behind your partner’s back, or will you allow him the honour? Do you give ultimatums? Will you allow him to hold a ceremony in memory of the clothes you are making him burn? Will buying him new clothes lessen his hold on the old and worn? How do you break these men / boys of these worn clothes wearing habits? Or do you just put up with it – it’s the price you pay being married to Mr Right?

(Disclaimer – this isn’t about the KoD, he dresses well and conservatively and doesn’t resemble anyone in this post. Although he does have one shirt that I cannot stand….but that’s personal taste, not that it’s worn and holey. It isn’t, sadly.)

(Additional Disclaimer – I have written this post about men, but I am sure there are some women out there who are equally afflicted. Hard to believe….)

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