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Walks are supposed to be good for your mental health

Harumph! Ever since I was woken at 4 am by a coughing child I have been cranky. Fighting a migraine and a pulled muscle near my scapula from sleeping weird didn’t help. Everything and everyone has got on my nerves today. Add to the mix the fact that I miss my KoD something chronic. I know there are people out there who have had worse days and have worse lives and I should be grateful for all the blessings that I have. I am grateful. I am just in a craptastic mood so I shall vent. So there. *Blows raspberry*.

Finally by 1.30 today I had had enough of doing laundry and sitting here in my PJs being a whining kvetch. I decided to pull myself together and get out and enjoy the warm weather and the sunshine. I ate a late lunch and went out for a walk (without a coat). I actually walked for 90 minutes. I was just in the process of starting to clear my head when I encountered one of the neighbourhood yentas and it was too late to duck down a side street. I had been spotted.

You know how bubbies, when they want to talk to you, they put their hand on your forearm so you are kind of trapped? Yeah, that’s what she did. She asked when we are moving. I answered “soon, please God”.

“Are the kinderlach (children) excited?” – Yes Baruch Hashem (praise the Lord).

“You’re looking very well, marriage agrees with you” she says. – Thank you.

Then she adds, “It looks like you have a little mazel tov on the way”.  – Uhh excuse me?

“The baby” she says pointing to my stomach area. I look down as if a preggo belly has suddenly appeared without my knowledge. All I saw was bloat from my lunch. If you’re a skinny minx like me, and you eat a lot, your stomach gets distended and it shows. Much as I hated to disappoint Yenta, I told her with a chuckle “oh this? This is a food baby, I just ate”.

I got the wink and the finger against the nose.

“It’s ok”, she says, “I won’t tell a soul”. Sigh. She would not believe me. Suddenly she had to hurry off….no doubt to get on the phone to tell her yenta buddies.

I would never ever mention a baby or a pregnancy to anyone unless they had specifically told me they were pregnant. I have heard way too many stories of friends being asked when they are due, and the answer being – I gave birth 3 months ago, or I’m not pregnant…and umbrage has been taken because basically the question is translated as “you look fat”. I am very conscious of this issue.

In this case it was an alte babbe who should know better and who wouldn’t believe the truth. Now there are going to be rumours flying. It took me the rest of my walk to calm down from this latest encounter. Looking back I guess it is funny – but do people really not know when to keep their mouths shut?

I need coffee – anyone else?

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WWYD – Inappropriate Contact

You are at the local grocery store doing your regular shopping thing. You walk up one of the aisles where a shop assistant is stocking shelves. As you walk past you feel his hand brush against your behind, but when you turn around quickly it seems he is back to stocking.

If you confront him he will deny it.

If you report him to the store manager it will be he said / she said.

If you ignore it then he may goose someone else.

WWYD in this situation?

*not my story

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Why call when you can email?

I have noticed amongst many of my contemporaries that we are using the phone less and less to communicate with each other. The emails and IMs fly fast and furious. If friends are on twitter or facebook, even better. In fact, I probably communicate with most people in my life primarily online – other than my husband and kids.

I have got to the point that if I have a business call to make, I will check to see if I could possibly email instead. It isn’t that I hate the phone…..but with email there is a record of everything discussed. Ok, maybe I do hate the phone a little – possibly has something to do with a fear of confrontation, especially with important business / school calls. Perhaps a fear of saying the wrong thing? With an email I can take my time to word it and reword it until I am happy with what it says.

I speak to the KoD at least once per day, usually for an hour or more. But the KoD is the exception, rather than the rule. When we were dating we spoke for 5 hours nightly. Glad we finally got married – I needed the sleep!! I talk to my immediate family on the phone too. Although, with Gmail chat with video – it’s even easier to communicate – and you can see them too.

Are you like this? Why do you think this is? Are we just lazy or anti-social or is it just infinitely easier to shoot someone an email than use the phone?

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