Suit Shopping

I am trying to find a new suit for Pesach. I absolutely love crisp suits, simple and elegant. We don’t have Loehman’s here or I would have no trouble finding something. I looked online and the Tahari suit that I fell in love with (really cheap on, the skirt is two inches too short. It’s 21 inches long, which is too short even for me. Calvin Klein has awesome suits, again, skirts just that smidge too short.

I have been hunting far and wide to find something that I like, that isn’t black, that’s conservative but not boring, perhaps even in a soft pink. Everything I find is too short. Of course, if I can find a nice suit I would need to make sure I had shoes to go with it.

I won’t have time to go shopping in Monsey before Pesach for clothes, so I need / want to find something here or online that won’t break the bank. The truth is that I do have Shabbat and Yom Tov clothes to wear, but I haven’t got anything new in a couple of years, and I am sick and tired of wearing the same suits all the time.

Can anyone help??

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25 responses to “Suit Shopping

  1. What’s your budget if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. Well before I go searching have you tried any of the ladies’ church suit websites? There’s a lot of overly sparkly stuff on there but you can find a few gems once in a while. It’s mostly geared towards African American women for church but the prices are very reasonable, they’re very modest and the colors are usually a lot more daring than your average ladies’ suit.

  3. Yes they do. Just look up easter or church suits on google. You’ll find something.

  4. How long do you need the skirt to be? 21 inches covers my knees. Often there is a little extra material in the hem that can be taken down also. Simple tailor stuff. I have also known people to add something to the bottom and cuffs, get creative, like an opaque lace. Make the suit more interesting, looks like it was supposed to be that way and it gets the suit a little longer.

    • I need it at least 23 inches – 21 inches doesn’t come anywhere near my knees. I don’t object to it being at the top of my knee, but any higher…nope. doesn’t work.

      I hear you on the creativity – but I don’t know that i have much time for that before pesach.

  5. try Kasper/Kaspar – they usually have great styles and decent prices.

  6. Believe it or not, eBay is a possibility. There are a lot of brand new suits with and without tags. The negative is that not all sellers accept returns, so you’d have to choose one that does. The advantage is that almost every seller includes measurements, so you’d know right away if the skirt was long enough. If you do find something, the price will be awesome.

    As to actual online stores, maybe Ann Taylor or Loft are possibilities. Loft is not so expensive and Ann Taylor has a lot of sales.

  7. Ok… So there are a few gems here. Also if you shop the Fall 2009 areas there’s a lot of stuff on sale.

    Just gotta sift through a LOT of glitter and metallic accents. hehehe

    Oh and they even have “include a hat and purse” deals. 🙂

  8. Oops I forgot the link

  9. Lady Lock and Load

    Maybe KoD will take you shopping for a suit (duck!)

  10. if you are successful – let me know! =)

  11. How bout this one:

    Not all of them start at 4, but several of them do, and the look approximately in the right price range…

    • those suits are so fancy. I am amazed that women buy these suits to go to church. Must be a huge fashion show….But the matching hats – Loving it!!

  12. Oh my gosh, You have NO IDEA!!! spend just a weekend in the South and you will see those ladies pouring out of those churches wearing the biggest, fanciest hats and matching suits you’ve ever seen. There’s actually a lot of controversy… similar to Jewish controversy over expensive sheitels over those suits and hats in the Baptist and Pentecostal movements. You know… that wearing such expensive and ostentatious stuff isn’t what the bible taught. It’s very amusing.

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