Shopping in the times of Blackberry

Continuation of yesterday’s clothes post. Thank you all for the suggestions on the blog and the emails of links. Thanks especially to KoD who hunted through pages of stuff online to find me something that he knew I would like. (I still want that pink Tahari suit….)

Empress CaresALot let me borrow her chariot today to run some errands. She also suggested a store where I might find suits in my size. Now, this store is called Winners, kind of similar to TJ Maxx I think, and I had struck out there yesterday. But apparently if I went to a different location there would be more selection there. This was my last ditch attempt to find anything.

Not ten minutes after walking into the store I came upon a rack of Calvin Klein skirt suits – all for $99. Every item is fully lined, good quality and they had plenty in my size. Score!! I piled an assortment of different suits into my arms and off to the changing rooms I went.

I must add here, that I have rather an eclectic taste in clothes, and can sometimes go overboard. The KoD is more conservative in his way of dressing (no pink for him), and prefers classic tailored styles on me. I don’t allow anyone to dictate what clothes I buy, other than the laws of modesty, but I don’t have to look at myself in my clothes – he does. But given that, I won’t buy anything I don’t like even if he likes it. I would, however, prefer him to like what he sees, than to look at me and think I took a bath in bubblegum paint. (I like the bright colours). Plus he has good taste – he married ME!!

So armed with my blackberry I entered the dressing rooms, and tried on each suit. I modeled it in front of the mirror and snapped pictures with my blackberry and bounced them over to the KoD for his opinion. It was fun – almost like I was shopping with him, and he was waiting outside the dressing room to say yea or nay. Luckily I agreed with the majority of his opinions – and I was decided on what to buy. I could not believe how well the suits fitted, the skirts were long enough (more or less) and they were $99 for a designer suit – how wrong can you go with that?

I wasn’t going to get shoes….but I couldn’t resist. These ones match my suit perfectly and they were the last pair left. I know they are rather OTT – but it’s a 5 inch heel and they will look so awesome with my new suit. (Oh yeah, umm, KoD? I bought new shoes too (only one pair)….and you will love them on me….). I must funkify the suit up a little, you know, add my own personal touch….

It’s good to know that I have something decent to wear for Pesach and afterwards. And that I don’t need to go clothes shopping for myself for a good long while….unless there is a sale….

No, wait!! What am I going to wear to @kvetchingeditor and @schnit’s wedding??

24 responses to “Shopping in the times of Blackberry

  1. Lady Lock and Load

    I see woman doing that at the clothing store, they take a pic with their cell phone and send to hubby before they buy.
    Thank G-d my husband goes along with whatever I buy. Except when I bought a band fall which I really loved but he hated it. I ended up adding bangs to it.

  2. Lady Lock and Load

    women, not woman.

  3. You know, I do that all the time with clothes with Evan 😀

    Can’t wait to see what you nab for our wedding!

  4. so glad you found something! {note to self: look for calvin klein suits}

    • um…don’t go to calvin klein’s website without being warned. naked men in underwear…..

      • Sounds more like advice to her than a warning 🙂

        • Mark, dear friend, I clicked on the site and really was totally unprepared for the sight on the site. I thought perhaps I clicked through to another site by accident. This was more than gratuitous….I was actually shocked. (me, who’d have thunk??!)

  5. I would like to set the record straight: I DO LIKE PINK on you. I just didn’t like the trumpet look on the skirt you asked me to look at.

    AND, what are you going to wear to HockeyFan’s Bar Mitzvah next year? 🙂 I know what you’re thinking: “Piss off”.

    • but, KoD, Dude, you won’t even wear a pink tie… REAL MEN WEAR PINK….

      so honey, what’s my budget for the barmitzvah outfit? I should seriously start looking now, you are absolutely right. And I aint telling you to piss off – that would just be rude….

  6. My dear QoH, your budget for the Bar Mitzvah is unlimited… as long as you buy a PINK outfit. And, perhaps, then I just may wear a pink tie or shirt.

    • you’d be matchy matchy with me? for realz? maybe we can have all the boys have matching pink ties too, and have the girls in pink dresses to match mine. It would be AWESOME….

  7. Let’s not get too crazy!! 🙂

  8. Great shoes! And this was a fun post, made me laugh!

  9. Ah…ain’t technology grand? 😉

    Thanks for a wonderful post! There is something we wouldn’t have had 10 years ago!

  10. *Awesome* shoes!!!
    I sure hope that KoD’s house isn’t too far from shul.
    Those boots ain’t made for walkin’……

    • a very wise lady taught me to carry the impossible to walk in shoes with me, and wear sneakers until I get to shul / the place we are eating at for a meal. Thank God for an eruv.

      I tried explaining to the boys that shoes are meant to look pretty – not always practical. somehow they don’t get it. I guess they are missing that gene!

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