Hair Coverers – some questions

If you cover your hair – do you take care of the hair underneath? Do you wash and blow dry it when you aren’t going out? Do you dye it to get rid of the grey? Do you get it regularly cut and styled? How long is it? Do you miss how it used to be? What has changed in the quality of your hair? Have you ever shaved it off? (I did. Once. Ugh) If you wear a wig, is it like your natural hair or totally different? Did you wear your wig at your wedding or only the day after? Do you cover your hair for you or because it’s expected of you? If so, by whom?

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15 responses to “Hair Coverers – some questions

  1. i cover my hair & have always ever since the day after i got married.
    i think that my hair is in better shape now than b/f i was married when i used to regularly use the curling iron, blow-dryer etc. now, i mostly let it air dry & it looks nice & thick. in fact, i almost always get compliments when i am at the hairdresser’s…
    thankfully, i don’t need to dye it b/c so far there are no grey hairs which is good!
    i don’t really miss my pre-wedding hair days b/c i enjoy wearing a fall with a head-band which is the look i usually go for nowadays & i think it’s rather youthful…
    i’ve never shaved my hair nor do i intend to.
    my wigs are always the same color of my natural hair (brown) but over the years, the styles have changed…
    anyhow, gotta run!

  2. I cover my hair with a sheitel. I have a short one and a long one and they’re pretty similar to my hair but neither one is a match. Style-wise they’re very different. I only wore a wig the day after my wedding. I keep my hair very short because otherwise it’s too uncomfortable. I used to have extremely thick waist-length hair. I love the fact that showering is so much faster now but I do miss how my hair looked. I cover my hair because I believe it is the right thing to do.

  3. I no longer dye my hair, I’m letting the gray grow in, but was pretty low maintenance with it before I stopped coloring. I’ve got super thick curly hair, which I kept back in braids most of the time anyway. I miss my wonderful stylist, and I need to go get a good haircut just for me, I think. The one thing I like about covering is that it gives me flat hair, like I just had a blow out.

    I just use a variety of hats or scarves and I don’t cover it completely with a fall, like you can see my real hair peeking out from under a hat, or my pigtails under a bandanna. If I’m wearing a tichel or snood, then it’s usually 100% covered. But everyone at the MO shul I go occasionally to seems to have a little hair showing (and I really don’t think they’re falls or sheitls), it’s a pretty relaxed scene – and at the Conservative shul I go to most of the time, nobody covers but me. So I’m pretty happy with my happy medium.

    • i too have some hair showing in the front with my headband/bandanas & the fall. when i occasionally wear a snood i also leave some hair showing in the front by my hairline & like le7 above, i cover my hair b/c i think it’s the right thing to do. my mom & my MIL as well cover their hair as well but we all cover it a bit differently from one another. my husband didn’t care how i covered my hair but it was important to him that i do cover it which was fine with me as that was my intention as well.

  4. After the wedding, the covering began.
    My hair has changed a ton. It used to be curly, and now it mostly flat and mousy. I no longer highlight it, but I do get it professionally cut. No need to cover the grays- yet. I keep it short, like I had it before getting married. (My DH would LOVE for me to grow it longer, but I’m not interested in the maintenance or trying to stuff it under the short sheitals I wear.)
    Since I am a blonde, it is really tricky to match a fall to my natural hair unless I highlighted the front again and kept it up to keep the roots from showing. My DH doesn’t like the look of covering the entire forehead until the fall begins- and I have to agree.
    My sheitals are either short bobs for everyday or a shoulder length for simchas. Lighter blondes than my natural.
    I would never shave it. I like being married!
    I also enjoy covering my hair. It’s not a hardship for me. I like to consider my wigs and hats and scarves as acessories so I can have fun with them. It was a personal choice to cover my hair and I am, so far, glad that I do. Makes a three day yomtov so much easier!!

  5. Do you wash and blow dry it when you aren’t going out? I never blow dry it, but of course I wash it.

    Do you dye it to get rid of the grey? no grey yet— I’ll be 36 in May.

    Do you get it regularly cut and styled? no, I cut it myself!

    How long is it? shoulder length, layered.

    Do you miss how it used to be? it’s pretty much the same, just thinner and less shiny since it doesn’t see the sun. I’d like a healthier scalp– my scalp needs sun– oh well.

    What has changed in the quality of your hair? thinner and less shiny.

    Have you ever shaved it off? nope

    If you wear a wig, is it like your natural hair or totally different? Different.

    Did you wear your wig at your wedding or only the day after? I split the difference. Rabbi told me not to wear it at the reception so I didn’t, but instead of waiting till the day after I decided to start that night when we went to the out of towners dinner (we had a brunch wedding).

    Do you cover your hair for you or because it’s expected of you? If so, by whom? As Uncle Moishy would say… of course it was HaShem!

  6. I have covered my hair since the day of my wedding (wore a sheitel to my chuppah as is my minhag) and I totally prefer my “removable” hair to my own.
    I have never even cut mine short, let alone shaved it and when it becomes necessary, I fully intend to dye it. I don’t bother styling it, because it ruins the minute I put a wig on top anyway. The color has dulled and lost its highlights, but I’ll get them back when I begin dying 😉

  7. I started cover about 6 months after I got married. Well, I wore a hat but let all of my hair fall down the back. I started covering completely when we drove into Jerusalem the first time in November 2002.

    I wear scarves mostly with hats and snoods taking up the slack though I own a wig from my “I’m a giant whale and feel shlumpy” pregnancy days. I’ve always cut my hair and keep it around shoulder length, though I’m contemplating going in to get it cut uber-short for summer. I don’t dye my hair and find that it has healed nicely from years of abuse.

  8. i thought only certain hasidim cover their hair?

    • i meant i though only certain hasidim *shave* their hair?

      • indeed. certain sects of chassidish women shave their hair. I shaved my hair in solidarity with my boys whose inept mother was using a home hair trimming kit for the first time and totally skinheaded them….

        • lady lock and load

          Wow! And I thought you found some challah dough in your hair and had to shave off the chamatzy particles. 😉

  9. I started covering my hair last summer. I keep it very short, kind of like a pixie cut, maybe a little longer. Normally I wear a newsboy cap or a pretied bandanna but I have two headband shaitels that are shoulder length bobs. Because I am the only person who covers in my county (seriously), I don’t wear them here since it’s obvious with my hats and pretieds that I have short hair. I do colour my hair to the colour of my shaitels. As long as I have to look at it…I don’t want white hair (and I’d have it too!!) I lost quite a bit of hair after my weight loss this year and my stylist said it was because I covered! I consulted my rabbi and continued to cover…with proper nutrition it came back. It’s curly but too short to hold the curl right now. I may grow it a bit – may help hold the pretieds on 🙂

  10. i started wearing scarves (headband style) when we got engaged and wore a birdcage veil folded over for my wedding reception so it was still the same look…. the next morning i switched to a full head scarves (though i had forgotten to take one with me, so i had to wear my husbands hat on the walk back to the apt from the hotel) – in the past nine months i’ve gone through many styles trying to really find what works for me as i keep my hair chin to shoulder length and it sometimes makes scarves tricky. since the hair will poke out. i also found when i wore a scarve i wouldn’t do my hair so then at night when i took it off it was all nasty. now i do my hair in the morning and wear a snood/slouchy beret with a bit of the hairline and sometimes the back showing. its a nice balance.
    oh, and i do it for me! my husband is glad i chose to do it, but it was totally my decision. and my community is mostly just shabbat head coverers….

  11. Hi. I started covering this summer. I wear headscarfs. I went on Amazon and purchased some silk headscarfs and I purchased some scarfs locally. I think it is great to see that more of us are concerned about this mitzvah.
    I’m in Florida and most of the young women are covering their heads. It shows respect to the Holy One.

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