One week till Pesach

There are some people that you can’t even talk to now as they have kicked their Passover preparations into high gear. I have already heard of people turning over the kitchens yesterday (the holiday doesn’t start till next Monday night!!!!) and their families are already griping that there is nothing to eat. I don’t get turning over the kitchen so early. Even if you have an army to cook for. They still need to eat this week, and eating out costs a fortune!

I haven’t made the kids crazy – we only have to Pesach clean one room before we leave, but I am always reminding the kids to keep their rooms tidy and clean. Yesterday I was rewarded with a short discourse about how slavery has been abolished in most countries, but Jewish homes this time of year seem to forget that. My kids have it so easy yet they have to grumble with their schoolmates just to save face.

I am so looking forward to this holiday. I know it will be an insane couple of days before the holiday as the KoD and I scramble to get everything done – but we will be doing it all together. In previous years (the past 15 years) I have done it more or less on my own (with the kids help and the occasional cleaning lady), so I am relishing the idea of having the KoD’s help. Plus this will be our first Pesach in Monsey together. It is indeed very exciting. We will have an interesting balance of some time alone, and then some time with all seven kids at home. It is going to be awesome.

Right now I am in major KoD withdrawal. I haven’t seen him for 2 weeks, and won’t see him till the weekend. It is the longest we have been apart since we met 17 months ago. I feel as if there is a part of me missing. Chocolate doesn’t even help anymore. Oh well, God willing, it won’t be for much longer.

Where are you at in your preparations, and when do you plan on turning over the kitchen?

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11 responses to “One week till Pesach

  1. Don’t do a whole lot of prep, just won’t eat bread and basic chametz when the holiday begins. Hey, HSM-where do I read a post about the breakdown of the family? I need a Brady Bunch-type intro where I figure out who how what kids.

  2. We plan to turn the kitchen over Thursday which is WAY early but I have to cook and freeze stuff for our trip to my Dad’s since I have to take everything we’ll eat. Between Thursday and Monday, we’ll probably be eating pesachdik or out. But it’s worth it to be able to see my Dad over the holiday.

    • Ok, since you’re officially my go to girl for all my Stupid Jewish Questions… what does “turn over” your kitchen mean? Is that when you get all the chametz out and it’s clean and there’s not a crumb of the bad food, and so you officially start eating Passover food?

      Why on earth would someone make it harder, earlier?

      • it means when you have all the chametz out of the kitchen and stored away, that you’ve scrubbed the kitchen, and kashered the sinks and countertops, and are ready to cook the passover food.

  3. We are planning to kasher and turn over on Saturday night. then we can cook on sunday. my coworker turned her kitchen over last week because she is having huge seders. she only eats meat/chicken/fish and veggies anyway so it is not a big deal for her and her hubby. also, they have no kids living at home.

  4. My kitchen is turned. Today the girls and I spent the day out of the house, tomorrow is Jewish Homeschoolers Park Day and I try not to miss that and then on Wednesday my mother-in-law is coming over to make charoset so my kitchen has to be done for that. (We are actually making it a bit late this year but she had some medical appointments and we couldn’t do it earlier.)

    We only eat take-out on the days I’m doing the actual cleaning. Then I cook and we just skip the chametz items. We eat sort-of gluten-free year-round so it isn’t a huge deal to prepare non-chametz food.

    I prefer to turn early so that I can relax and enjoy a few pre-Pesah trips and crafts. Last year I went to Disneyland the week before Pesah and then down to San Diego for an overnight stay.

  5. I have learned the hard way that you don’t leave large amounts of cleaning until the last day…then you stay up until all hours…especially (when I was on my own) the night before the Siyum (the completion of a Talmudic tractate that frees firstborn males from the traditional fast day the day before Pesach).

    Now that I am married, I help my wife. Due to a number of reasons, waiting until the last minute to “turn over” the kitchen is a non-starter. We plan to kasher the ovens around Wednesday and other parts of the kitchen in various stages until Sunday. We will plan some kind of menu each night and probably eat out Sunday.

    • Follow-up: My wife was right. It was a mistake to wait until Wednesday to begin cleaning the kitchen. I think next year we should begin a week before. We still will have the microwave to use until the last days.

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