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Immigration Update

I guess I am finally able to be rational and report on our disappointing appointment today. We arrived at the consulate at just gone 7 am and left around 2 pm. It was a long day with only snack machine food and drink, as you cannot bring your own food and beverages, a challenge when you keep kosher. The kids were really good considering….

The company that did our medicals messed up. They neglected to include one of the kids’ medicals in the package. Strike one. Luckily their office was not too far from the building and the KoD was able to go pick up a copy. Which we were later told was not acceptable  – they needed the original – and this was a reason for our visa application to be denied.

The consular official also decided she didn’t like my legal documents – custody etc – they were not official enough for her purposes. Strike two. (I had been told that they would be acceptable).

Strike three – the British police certificate that I had paid through the nose for was not from the company that they (the consulate) recommend, so it had to be redone.

Once I do all that they will be pleased to grant me the visas.

Such a let down. I have to say that I know these people are just doing their jobs but boy does it smart. When we left the consular building the KoD drove us to the office where we did the medicals where I raised Holy Heck! And lo and behold the missing medical was right there, in his file. Why the heck could they not have given it to the KoD when he was there earlier??

I got home, had a huge meltdown, emailed the police certificate forms to a friend to print for me, picked them up, did passport photos for that, photocopied some bills and my passport, spoke to lawyers office to get the officially official legal papers that no consular official can quibble with. First thing in the morning I will get a bank draft and send off for the new police certificate, and by 1030 am tomorrow all the paperwork that I have to redo will be on its way here.

As soon as they get the papers the visas can be issued.

It was such a long and stressful day, and we started out so hopeful. Having the KoD here really made it feel better. He sees the good in everything and was able to tell me that it’s all happening for the best. There is a reason that this all came to pass. We may not know it now, but when you have faith you know it’s all for the good. KoD helped calm me down just by being there for me. He is so supportive and totally my rock.

It would have been so easy for us to point the finger at each other and lay blame – “I told you to do this” or “why didn’t you do that?” and totally get into a fight. I am so proud that we didn’t behave that way. We are a unit, a couple, and we stand together. When one is weak the other is strong and vice versa. I have never felt so loved by another person in all my life.

I have faith that we will be together forever very soon – just a bridge or two left to cross.

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