Lessons can be learnt from everyone

Yesterday, at that interminable day spent at the consulate, the clerk we dealt with was a wonderful lady. We had to review all the forms etc with her, which for five people, was a lot of work. We were missing some photocopies, the medical for one child had gone AWOL and the reply paid envelope we brought apparently wasn’t big enough (and I did call in advance to find out!) plus there was one form that we had not filled out for the kids, and it had to be filled out for all four.

With every little set back at this initial stage my heart plummeted and panic probably showed on my face. But this lady, she was awesome. Her attitude was that none of this is major stuff, it could all be sorted and fixed, no point in sweating it. Here was a bureaucrat with an awesome attitude. She suggested that KoD go out to get the photocopies, the reply envelope and pick up the medical, while I stay and use the computer terminal to fill out the forms. She could not have been more helpful.

Her work is repetitive – she’s been there 33 years!! She must have seen some interesting things and witnessed stories that make our story look benign in comparison. Her cheerful tone and can-do attitude made this whole experience easier to bear. We ended up joking about children, and she told us a story about her son climbing into the washing machine at 4 years old. She really helped me to feel better.

The lesson I walked away with, after spending some time with this lady was that when it comes to paperwork and bureaucracy there is nothing so major that it cannot be fixed with a little time and patience, that there is no need to sweat the small stuff.

Today is a fresh new day. Every new day that we have is a gift. I sit here, marshalling the kids through showers and breakfast, preparing coffee for the KoD, and I know I am blessed beyond belief. So, the paperwork is a little held up and delayed. We can deal. Look what I have – I have love surrounding me, from my kids, my husband, and from my awesome friends. It will all be good.

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6 responses to “Lessons can be learnt from everyone

  1. lady lock and load

    After a day from hell, you are AMAZING! Keep strong! The barnacle babes are waiting for ya!

  2. it sounds like the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” with just some minor set-backs that will be overcome real soon!

    hang in there & it’ll all work out. i have faith :)!

  3. I also am a “bureaucrat” and deal with a lot of paperwork folks have to complete for our $$. I hope that I reflect the same attitude 🙂 I know I try. Nothing is THAT bad is the way I see it and whatever I can do to make life easier for everyone, including myself, is my goal. I never belittle or make ultimatums (unless I absolutely have to – the ultimatums that is) and if there’s a problem I always tell people it’s NOT a problem, just a small issue we can deal with easily if everyone cooperates 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder on how to behave 🙂


  4. Amen. G-d willing, everything will iron itself out very soon, and perhaps by Shavuos, you will be having cheesecake in Monsey, and just staying on, having *weekly* cholent there too!
    Here’s hoping…

  5. what an absolutely FANTASTIC attitude! i’m so-very-happy that it all seems like glitches-about-to-be-solved instead of insurmountable obstacles.

    whenever i feel frustrated at stores, in lines, etc. i always *try* to think of what i’m modeling for my kids. how i would want them to remember me acting and what i’d like to see them repeating.

    it sounds like you came out of there head held high and with yet another good mommy moment!

  6. Sometimes the tedious things turn into amazing experiences.

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