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Cholent Poll

Does your cholent have potatoes in it, yes or no?

From where does your family originate?

(DY – this is for you…well, only if it proves my point!!)

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Shaver Advice

As you all know I have two teenaged sons. The time is fast approaching when they will both need to start shaving. I know there are laws about electric shavers – some are halachically acceptable, some are not – especially those that puts the blade too close to the skin. Does anyone have a shaver they recommend? Also, can two boys use the same shaver, or is it not hygienic? How often should they shave? Is there something they should put on their skin first? How far up are they allowed to shave on their sideburns? How are we at this stage already – it was just yesterday that they were babies.

Any and all advice much appreciated.

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Mikvah Rules

I was just reading a comment on a blog post from someone on the subject of mikvah, and they happened to mention that the mikvah they use has a policy to not allow anyone who is a non-orthodox convert to immerse there. The person herself is a Conservative convert and does immerse there as the closest Conservative mikvah is 300 miles away, but the balanit / mikvah lady has never asked her anything. But her “deception” puts a damper on her mikvah experience, because she is worried about being “found out”.

Have you ever heard of such policies? Is it halachically ok to ask someone coming to the mikvah if they are Jewish or if they converted, and if so, through who? I am trying to digest this…..

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What does it mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night that I was at my mother’s house for a family dinner. All my family were there (not the spouses and kids though, strangely enough). The uncles, the aunts, even my late Grandma was there. My older brother and I were tearing through the house looking for a specific picture of me and my twin brother as two year olds. It seemed very important that we found this picture. In reality the picture does exist. I know I have seen it.

What could this dream mean?

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Earliest Memory

I asked my kids recently what their earliest memory was and was fascinated by their answers. I wonder if the answers will change as they grow older and remember more or forget more.

My earliest memory is of waking up in the middle of the night to find that my dolly had dislocated her arm to the point that it totally fell off. I can still see myself standing at the entrance to my parents’ bedroom crying my eyes out. I cannot have been more than two at the time.

So, what’s your earliest memory?

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One on One Time

With long days at school, four kids and one of me there is not much opportunity for each child to get alone time with me. The youngest gets the most, as he has the least school. The oldest gets some too as he goes to bed later and also comes home for lunch. But generally, in the whole hustle and bustle of life – these moments mostly get lost in mundanities.

Last night I had the chance to spend an hour with Prince HockeyFan, alone. I took him to the local pizza shop and really enjoyed just connecting with him without the distraction of brothers and phones and chores etc. They are different children one on one. There is no one for them to fight with, to compete with, they can just be themselves. I believe he enjoyed himself too. He got to finish his sentences, he had my undivided attention – and we were at the pizza shop! (We both had poutine, but don’t tell the KoD, it is SO nutritionally unsound). I let him lead the conversation – he explained (or tried to explain) the rules of baseball to me, as he had just finished playing a game with his class. Something about bases being loaded or something.

I wish I could do this more often with each of them, but practically it isn’t possible.

How do YOU make sure to spend equal time with all of your kids? Do they appreciate it?

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