Cholent Poll

Does your cholent have potatoes in it, yes or no?

From where does your family originate?

(DY – this is for you…well, only if it proves my point!!)

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17 responses to “Cholent Poll

  1. Sweet potatoes. But we made up our recipe based on our rabbi’s, since I come from a family that doesn’t “do” cholent and my husband is sephardi, so ditto.

  2. 1) Yes
    2) Austria/Poland

  3. No
    We do have Sweet potatoes
    Has nothing to do with where we are from
    We both grew up with potatoes

    They leech all the taste, that is why we dont use em

  4. Yes. Eggs too =) Just another Sephardekanazi thing…
    Neither of our families do cholent, or chamin as my husband would say, so I found what I liked and he has made some adjustments…

  5. 1-yes it sure does
    2-europe (poland, russia)

  6. Since my first cholent as a newly married lady was a huge flop (it was like all water and the beans were not cooked), my husband has taken over in that department.

    Our cholent has both reg. and sweet potatoes in it…it is so not like the families I went to in West Rogers Park or Passaic, but it is good.

  7. lady lock and load

    Yes, I put potatoes in the choulent. My parents are from Poland, but my choulent is nothing like my mother’s.
    My sister in law calls choulent “Jewish Soul Food”.

  8. Yes, my fav part…and only russet…my family originates from Hungary.

  9. Yes.

    Our Gruenkern Suppe also has potatoes in it.

    And our chulent usually (the 3-4 times a year we make it) contains eggs as well.

  10. Cholent without potatoes is a no go here. Love the red potatoes .

    My parents are from Israel and America.
    My grandparents are from Europe.

  11. Does potato kugel in the Chulent overnight count?

  12. Yes and No. What is cholet ?
    From the comments I have come to know that it is some kind of dish.
    Meanwhile, I will do some R&D on cholet.

  13. yes, my parent’s chulent had potatoes. My mom’s family is originally from Romania (but have been NY jews for at least 100 years) and my dad’s parents are from Poland.

  14. Yes, potatoes. They do take the flavour, but we always respice the cholent right before Shabbos. Hubby heads up the cholent dept and I act as sous chef.

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