Earliest Memory

I asked my kids recently what their earliest memory was and was fascinated by their answers. I wonder if the answers will change as they grow older and remember more or forget more.

My earliest memory is of waking up in the middle of the night to find that my dolly had dislocated her arm to the point that it totally fell off. I can still see myself standing at the entrance to my parents’ bedroom crying my eyes out. I cannot have been more than two at the time.

So, what’s your earliest memory?

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5 responses to “Earliest Memory

  1. I think my earliest clear memory is of being stung by a bee while playing in the basement of my parent’s house when I was around 3 years old (I think). I remember seeing the dead bee after is stung me, and it hurting a lot.

  2. I actually remember sitting in my crib the day that my new bunk beds were delivered 🙂 I was probably about 2.

  3. For me, I think it was wetting my pants at my own birthday party – I must have been 3, but maybe 4? And I have a clear memory of my brother on a swing on a spring day, calling out to me “it’s 1970!” Kind of easy to date that one, and I would have been 3 and a half then.

  4. I have several memories all around the age of two or three, but I’m not sure which came first:
    I remember watching Disney’s Sleeping Beauty for the first time, and crying when the film ended – as I had wanted it to go on. After that point, a nearby park became known as Sleeping Beauty’s forest. [ I also saw Return of the Jedi around the same time, and asked why Luke had cut off his father’s hand].
    I remember a trip to Hawaii, and hike up a mountain on my father’s back . . .

  5. I had just turned 4 and remember seeing my grandfather, who lived with us, leaving for the hospital, as he was not well. Two weeks later, he was gone.

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