What does it mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night that I was at my mother’s house for a family dinner. All my family were there (not the spouses and kids though, strangely enough). The uncles, the aunts, even my late Grandma was there. My older brother and I were tearing through the house looking for a specific picture of me and my twin brother as two year olds. It seemed very important that we found this picture. In reality the picture does exist. I know I have seen it.

What could this dream mean?

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6 responses to “What does it mean?

  1. trying to find something important and not being able to find it- classic anxiety dream. Also the fact that it was very vivid points to it being an anxiety dream, as they are usually more vivid than regular dreams.

    Based on what I know about you, I think it means that you are/were stressed out about all the documents you need to get for your immigration stuff. Even if you’ve already gotten them, sometimes the anxiety stays with you for a while and you dream about it afterward.

    • lady lock and load

      very good, AE! Maybe you should have been a shrink!!! 🙂

      • Nah, I couldn’t stand listening to other people’s problems all day, I would get too depressed from that. 🙂

        I’ve had anxiety dreams on a semi-regular basis my entire life (I even remember details of anxiety dreams I had when I was 5 or 6 years old), so after reading a bunch about them and talking to some *psychologists* about it (is shrink offensive? I never thought of it that way) at a few different points in my life, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at working out the symbolism of them. 🙂

        There’s only like 4-5 different themes that go on in most people’s anxiety dreams- not being able to find something, a person preventing you from doing something you need to do, being late to something, being unprepared for something, and feeling powerless about something. There might be a few others, but those are the main ones in my dreams.

        The fun part is comparing dreams with other people- like, how many people have had the teeth falling out dream (that symbolizes feeling powerless)? I’ve had some variation of that dream at least 4-5 different times, and you’d be surprised how many people have had the same dream.

        • Here’s my anxiety dream (I never knew that it had a name!): I have to make an important call, but I keep pressing the buttons wrong. I’ll get to almost the last digit, then make a mistake and have to go back to the beginning, over and over again. I’ve had this one on and off for at least 10 or 15 years.

  2. There is a very interesting gemara in Brachos about dreams. One thing it says is that most of the things in your dreams are caused by thoughts you had during the day but there is a small part of every dream that can be a prophecy. The interesting part is that it says a dream goes according to its interpretation, so an uninterpreted dream has no meaning but if someone interprets it, that interpretation can come true. Now, I don’t know how that works, but the stories in the gemara about dreams that were interpreted negatively b/c someone didn’t pay the interpreter are pretty scary, so I don’t tell over my dreams. Anyway, I’ll interpret your dream to mean that you and your whole family will be happy and healthy.

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