“You are such a guy!!”

A new series.

I say this so often to the KoD. He drives me crazy sometimes with his pragmatic look at the world. He is Mr Logic and I am Ms Emotion. It makes for some interesting conversations. I attribute a lot of it to him being a man, and looking at things in the male perspective, but maybe, just maybe, it’s just him?

My KoD has the most clutterless house I have ever seen. You don’t need something, out it goes. Papers are filed, they do not pile up (shocking!!), no dirty clothes on the floor, no socks under the sofa cushions, no wet towels thrown over the bed. When he takes something out of the cupboard he puts it back in the same place when he is done. (OK this is something I really like!! Wish the boys would learn to put things back). He is not OCD – but is seemingly allergic to excess stuff. Oh what a rude awakening he is in for when we move in!! Snicker.

Me, on the other hand, I have stuff. I am a woman, and as most people know, being a woman means having a lot of stuff, especially, if like me, you are a girlie girl. Make up and hair dryers, curling irons, and hair products, wigs and hats and scarves, in every shade and colour. Lotions and potions. 170 different pairs of shoes vs the 3 pair that most men have. We have clothes that fit us, and clothes that don’t but we wish that they did so we hold onto them just in case we lose those excess pounds. We have photos and mementoes that we have kept since we were in grade school. (I still have my autograph book from when I left elementary school). Birthday cards that our kids made for us in Kindergarten. The dollar store fake carnation they presented us with at their first grade French Spectacle. Most of the things we keep have feelings and memories attached to them. Ladies – you know what I am talking about!!

So we were talking the other day about packing and moving and all of that, and I happened to mention that I have a lot of the kids’ artwork to bring with me. His view – I am sure it is sweet etc but why do you need to keep it? (Well, I do have most things in quadruplicate. Same school, same teachers for all 4). Because the kids made it for me. “But why do you need to keep it? You are not going to look at it again. Ever.” – again, my answer “Because the kids made it for me. Duh!!”. “But what is the point of keeping it? They drew that when they were 3 – they can draw better now. Get rid of it.” Sigh. He is such a guy. I bet he would say to chuck out that carnation too…

It isn’t that he is not sentimental. He is. He hasn’t thrown out any of the cards I have sent him (but maybe that’s because he knows he would be in BIG trouble) and he does appreciate when the kids draw him something, or make him some lego or show him something they are working on. It just doesn’t need to stay around in a drawer for years.

KoD, I love you to pieces, but you are such a guy!!!

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12 responses to ““You are such a guy!!”

  1. & you most certainly are SUCH a girl ;)!

    your post brings to mind the famous book, Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus! bottom line, is that there are differences between the 2 “species” & the trick is learning how to live with & appreciate (if that is even possible!) the differences between men & women!

  2. lady lock and load

    Can KoD please infect my husband with his sense of order and cleanliness? thanks!

  3. my mom threw out all my kid’s artwork and stuff, and I’m sad I don’t get to look at it now.

  4. oh and we are the complete opposite in our house- I like throwing things away/organizing, and B completely hoards everything and hates whenever I throw things away because we might want to use them someday. Like last week I gave away a scarf I have never worn, that I got for free, and that I never will wear (and is totally not my style) and he was all upset cause what if our theoretical kids one day want to wear a 30 year old scarf oh noes! 🙂

  5. I propose you get a Hadassah Museum at your new house.

    If it is important for you to keep, you should keep, and the necessary space should be made available in a place where it does not disturb K.O.D

    I personally cannot throw out things before I move. However, if I did not use the box in 1 year after I moved, I realise that I do not need the stuff and I can throw it out.

    So of course, it is a bit stupid to carry around things I do not really need, but this is what it takes for me to separate from it emotionally.

    $things I keep are first and foremost books. And I could never throw out books. However, when I had to move twice in a year, I noticed that I had read none of the books during this year, and at this point I could perhaps have… no, not really: in the end I packed one carton to throw out and “saved” half of it back to my bookcase. I just can’t.

    And I am a girl.

    Not all the girls love hats and shoes and make-up.

    • Hadassah Museum – I like the concept!!

      I went through all my books last summer, and I gave away a lot of them, but it was hard. there are some that i cannot bear to part with, even if they have to stay in a box in the attic.

      Not all the girls love hats and shoes and make-up
      which is why i made the qualification that I am a girlie girl 🙂

  6. Hadassah, you are so like Nancy in that respect, and I am so like the KoD! She is a clutterer and I am a neatnik. We have let things slide around here so much that I’ve fallen into her bad habits and we will also have to declutter. I love her anyway, even if she is an “Oscarette” (from The Odd Couple, which by the way is one of my favorite plays).

    I think Nancy would agree, although I am writing this without her knowledge…:-)

  7. i’m in love with the concept of a clutter-free life and we do *fairly* well but i can’t (won’t!) throw away my kids’ artwork. it’s just plain wrong to do so! do you have any good tips on storing them well?

  8. I go in spurts. Sometimes I just throw and sometimes I just keep. We cleaned out a closet and we had pictures of Jason which were duplicate and triplicates in frames that were all warped. My husband threw them out but I had my cry and my eyes closed even though I gave permission. I am sitting in the computer room now… since 4AM and now I could get rid of clutter in an hour but I just dont seem to do it. I would hate for my daughter to have to do it all when I am gone.. Depressed today… I would say so.

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