You are such a guy – part two

I just vented the following story to my eldest son and he says it makes absolute sense. He also says it’s male logic and I just have to accept it.

Yesterday I sent a picture to the KoD of some bed linens I had found in the linen closet. (You will remember we have discussed buying new linens and cannot agree on a pattern). I had bought them about 3 years ago, and used them for a while until I found something more girlie.  But all I said with the picture was – do you like this bedding? His response – “a most emphatic NO”. Then I told him that I found it in my linen closet. His response – “if free, then I like it”.

What on earth do you mean by that? If you don’t like it then you don’t like it! No? His explanation was that if I was going to spend money on it, then no absolutely not, there is no way on God’s green earth that he would want me to buy that bedding. But if we already have it, then why not. Sure I can bring it down with me and we can use it.

Does this make sense to you? Is this really a crazy male logic thing? When I like something then I like it. If I hate it, free or not, it won’t change my mind!!

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21 responses to “You are such a guy – part two

  1. It absolutely makes sense to me, and I am a woman.

    So it has nothing to do with your male/female stereotypes.

  2. It means that his priorities are different than yours. He doesn’t dislike it enough to want to spend money on something else.

    If he says he doesn’t like it, you might spend money on something else, because you’ll be convinced that he would prefer you spend the money than live with sheets he doesn’t like, but that’s not his priority. To anticipate this, he simply says that he likes it, so as to convince you not to spend money.


    • it’s really that simple?!!

      • Yes … for sheets.

        Now ask him if you had a pink car, if he would drive it regularly, or if he would take the hit, trade it in and get something of a more appropriate color.

        Men and cars (and electronic toys, etc).

        Women and linen 🙂 (and shoes, clothes, etc)

  3. lady lock and load

    makes sense to me as well. My hubby couldn’t care less what he sleeps on, as long as the sheets are comfy and not itchy. Therefore, we have a beautiful linen set that has gorgeous pink flowers on it. I’ll show you sometime, Hadassah, I think you would love it.

    • Lord Lock and Load sleeps on pink sheets? KoD would NEVER go for that…

      • So take pink sheets for yourself and mauve ones for him…

      • lady lock and load

        Haha! Well mine are not exactly pink. The sheets are white but have pink flowers, some are yellow, and lots of green, but it’s not harsh, very gentle. But if I put on pink sheets my dear husband wouldn’t care. he leaves all home decorating kind of stuff to me.

  4. I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

    But then, I’m male.

  5. My husband is exactly the same! We just got new beds so I was picking out linen. For some reason the ugly bedding from the store we have store credit from he liked and the gorgeous linen from the stores we would have to pay out of pocket he doesn’t…

  6. Both my wife and I like things that are free. It’s part of an overall frugality. Obviously we won’t take hideous things into our house, but 99.99% of things like sheets are not hideous. For example, my office in Israel one Rosh Hashanah gave us (as part of the holiday gift) a set of sheets that were a bit, well, different. They are a reasonable shade of blue, and have all sorts of symbols on them that look vaguely Kabbalistic. Guess what? Those sheets are on our bed right now!

  7. we’re talking sheets here, right? who cares what they look like? for that matter, sersiously, who needs sheets to begin with.

  8. I do that all the time. When shopping I will think, “that’s cute,” and then look at the price and decide if it is $50 cute. If something isn’t mind-numbingly ugly I’ll take it for free, but not waste money on it. I have to actually like something if I’m going to spend money on it.

  9. I totally agree with mirruth.

    I can be totally frugal and only want to get the best deal on something of equal quality. In fact, I have been picking tile for the outside porch and found one a really liked. The price is alright. Totally manageable, but then we found another tile on sale for much less. I immediately abandoned the first tile in favor of the cheaper tile, even though i may have liked the first tile better.

  10. This one, I actually get. I am like that too.

    There are patterns I would not buy, but if I got them for free then I would use them.

  11. I don’t think I would use the “girlie” sheets, even if free.

    We usually find a “neutral” design and use that.

  12. It makes perfect sense to me too, and I am female. KoD most probably is thinking about his financial situation, (unless he is a multimillionaire that I don’t know about). His new wife, four new steps sons, his children, his ex, all depending upon him financially.Yes your ex give child support but there are always added expenses. If and when your child support runs out for the month, not even know Kod, I can’t imagine him saying, No Hadassah Darling, you cannot buy that borscht for dinner because we are too low on cash and borscht for all of us is too expensive. First time marriage is the time for both to buy what they think they like and that usually changes with time. I wonder if your ex would like those sheets today.. There’s a thought, send them to him as a going away gift…

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