He’s so special!

My 14 year old son, that is. I love all my kids equally. They are ALL my favourite. But today I need to boast about my eldest.

He comes home daily for lunch from yeshiva – I love that I get to see him during the day without other brothers around. One on one time is hard to come by these days with all of them. Some days I am home, some days I am running errands.

Today I had popped out to the shops to buy some bread and milk and snacks etc. He called me on the cell phone when he got home and saw I wasn’t there. I told him where I was. He said “Ima, wait for me, don’t shlepp everything home yourself. Let me walk to the store to meet you and I will shlepp it all home”. That’s exactly what he did. He wasn’t even embarrassed to be seen by his classmates shlepping the bubby-cart full of stuff, his mother by his side.

Love him!!

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4 responses to “He’s so special!

  1. aw so sweet! have nachas from him & the others :)!!

  2. lady lock and load

    Beautiful! (maybe he wanted some orange juice?) 😉

  3. 😀 Sons who love their mothers ARE so special!!!

  4. That is so sweet! Sometimes 14 year olds can be surprising.

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