How to identify a cheater

Apparently, according to Dr Phil, in this article, a man whose ring finger is longer than his index is more likely to be unfaithful. Yes indeed. Apparently this longer ring finger happens because of an excess of testosterone in utero – and this leads to having the cheating gene. Players, those who have many partners, have a busier brain scan that their more boring one-partnered counterparts.

Sigh, what next? As part of the shidduch criteria do we now have to measure fingers and have brains scans so that we can predict a man’s ability for potential monogamy?

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11 responses to “How to identify a cheater

  1. LOL!!! Oh boy…

  2. Um … my ring fingers are substantially longer than my index fingers. I never noticed it before!

  3. Anatomically most the ring finger of most people is longer than their index finger.

    As far as Dr. Phil… I would say read his wiki-page and decide for yourself his level of actual expertise.

  4. Now women will be judging the size of something else before making a commitment..

  5. i think it’s a bunch of BS & i say that b/c my DH’s ring finger IS longer than his index finger!

  6. Hadassah, considering this post, this should flip you out.

    Put your hand, palm down, on a tabletop. Note the difference in size between your ring and index fingers.
    Now, turn your hand over, palm side up, on the tabletop and note the difference in size again.
    Notice anything different?

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if girls start picking-up on this and start staring intently at their potential spouses hands. Hey, they might already be overanalyzing our faces. See this:

  8. Why is everyone so willing to listen to this moronic entertainer, Dr. Phil? Show us a validated scientific study, Dr. Phil. Even better, prove to us that men are monogamus to begin with. It is so sad to me that women are constantly upset by discovering the same thing over and over–that men are naturally polygamus. Living in a fantasy that men are not polygamus is what leads to their unhappiness, not that men are actually polygamus. Once we learn to see reality, then we can learn to deal with it.

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