Mental Picture

When you think of God what picture comes to mind? How do you see Him in your mind’s eye? Is it the traditional picture of a bearded man sitting in a throne on a cloud with a host of ministering angels hovering around Him? Or something less traditional? Just curious…

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8 responses to “Mental Picture

  1. I imagine someone’s abuela (grandmother or tia (aunt), in a worn, homey kitchen, making coffee or tea. After all, every latina knows it is the abuelas and tias who can make the impossible possible.

  2. I see a flying spaghetti monster…

  3. Dave, is it yummy spaghetti? With sauce or without?

  4. For me there is no picture. God for me has no shape or form. God is the grass that sprouts out of the earth and the gorgeous fall leaves on the trees and the sunny blue skies. Is the tornado that sweeps into town and the lightning that strikes in a storm. God for me is the skin that grows with me as I grow . Is babies born with 10 perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes. I could go on and on..but I won’t;)
    For me God is a spiritual grace or just a higher power than me.

  5. I picture G-d as all the vacuum that exists in the universe plus all the forces, atoms, molecules, etc that exist in the universe.

    This is my easiest explanation for G-d is within you and within every creature, g-d is everywhere and directs everything.

  6. God is not a person, God is more like a feeling. Something active. Constantly.

  7. I picture God as GEORGE BURNS..from the movie OH GOD.

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