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I don’t sell wigs, really I don’t.

Just got a phone call a little while ago asking me if I sell wigs. It was an older lady with a strong accent, and she found it hard to believe me when I said that I don’t sell wigs.

I just chalked it up to one of those wrong number things and went about my day. Fast forward a half an hour. There is a knock at my door. Little old lady with the accent (who I recognize from my building) asking me where she can buy these wigs. Which wigs, I ask? She holds up a Paula Young catalogue, with my name and address on it. Light bulb in my head flashes on. It had been in my oversize mail slot, I guess, and somehow made its way into her hands. I doubt she took it out of the slot.

I patiently explained to her that it is a catalog, and that you have to call the number and give them a credit card number so that you can order the wigs from THEM. She thanked me and left. But I wonder if she just thinks I won’t sell to her. She seemed very confused.

Lesson to be learned – if there is ever anything in your mail slot that you don’t want, rip it up, or tear off your address and identifying details. Luckily for me this was a harmless old lady, but she had my phone # and my address. You don’t want those things falling into the wrong hands.

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Medical Reports in dating – Heinous or Harmless

From Hashkafa.com

Can I see a medical report about your sexual / emotional health? Is this an appropriate question when dating BTs?

Is this done? Is it offensive? Is it considered a reasonable request?

Is it taboo to talk to a date about their previous sexual history, what kind of people they’ve had relationships with, what happened, did they get their fingers burnt, did they need therapy, did they get so badly grossed out or hurt by a previous partner that they now have fears, anxieties or inhibitions, did they ever get raped by a previous partner or some other random party goer? Was the rape first degree, second degree or what? Did they ever do drugs? Are there any long term consequences of their drug use?

I just read the above paragraphs on hashkafah.com and I am a little disturbed. Obviously the person posing the question feels that this is something that should be done. I think my issue with the question is if you ask this of BTs, you have to ask of ALL the people you date – BTs, FFBs, converts, everyone. Don’t discriminate. But I am not even sure if this is appropriate at all. Thoughts?

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Loyalty and step-parents

I remember the weekend after my ex remarried. The kids had spent Shabbat with him and his new wife and her kids. They came home, and we sat together talking. The little one, who was five at the time, said to me, “I am so lucky, I have two mommies now”. I understood his sentiment, and was glad that his new stepmom was someone he liked, but boy did it hurt to hear him say that. It felt like a knife in my heart, even though he totally had not intended it that way. I couldn’t stop the tears from welling up in my eyes, even though I tried to smile through them. I had to leave the table to get busy with something so I wouldn’t break down.

Squiggy, who was all of ten then, decided to take his youngest brother to task. He reminded him, none too gently, “THIS is your mother, Ima is the one that carried you in her belly for nine months, this is the woman that gave birth to you, this is the woman that has raised you. Don’t you dare forget that!!!” So many emotions coursed through my mind at that moment. Pride in Squiggy that he defended my honour, so to speak. But I felt bad for the little ChatterBox – his intent was not to hurt me. He was just telling me he was happy – what more does a mother want for her child?

Once I had regained control of myself – it was a rough time emotionally as I am sure you can understand – I sat down with the both of them. I explained to the older one that he doesn’t have to choose sides or show more loyalty or anything like that. He can like his step mom without it hurting me. I explained to the little one that I am glad that he likes her and she is nice to him, because that’s very important. I explained to all the kids that there is no choosing one over the other. They live with me, they know who their mother is, but that does not mean there is no space in their lives to like or love their step mom. She is now a part of their family, and as such they have to at least respect her and treat her right. It was tough to explain to small children, who have a fierce love for their mother, that liking their step mom doesn’t discredit me in any way, shape or form.

In the years since then, the kids have learned a balance that has stood them in good stead. They adore the KoD, their step dad, and are not conflicted about loyalties. They understand that they can love him AND their own father at the same time. My children are so fortunate in having so many people to love and who love them. At the end of the day, they know who has raised them, they know from whom they learned their values and principles. But I also know that each of us who spend time with the children have had a hand in forming them into who they are, whether it’s a big hand or a small one, we have all contributed.

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WWYD – theatre situation

My friends were recently at the theatre for a concert – it was a treat for an upcoming birthday. They had bought tickets, and had really nice seats. They were looking forward to their evening out for weeks on end.

They got to the theatre early, scoped out their seats, and settled themselves. A little later a group of three older women entered their section and upon looking at their tickets, sat themselves next to my friends.

The lady that was sat right next to my friend was wearing a face mask. You know, one of those surgical masks that they all seem to wear in China and Japan. But this was a high class theatre and seemed out of place.

Various things ran through my friends’ heads. Is this woman sick and preventing herself from breathing her germs over everyone? Is she afraid that everyone will breathe on her? Or is she just being antisocial? Is it even appropriate for her to wear such a mask in the theatre?

My friends became increasingly uncomfortable and went and asked the usher if he could move them. He totally understood their discomfort and reseated them elsewhere.

So WWYD in the situation? Would it have made you uncomfortable to be sat next to someone in a facemask? Would you have spoken to the woman herself and found out why she was wearing a mask? Would you have done as my friends did and asked to be moved? Or would it not have bothered you one whit?

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