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Mikvah Question

My email inbox is filling up with mikvah questions these days. So today’s question is : Why do we have to take out contact lenses when we dunk, if our eyes have to anyway be closed? The water does not get in the eye, even if you don’t scrunch them closed.

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From the Mailbag (reworded).

We have brachot that we make at every moment in the day. We make brachot (blessings) on food that we enjoy eating, and on seeing a beautiful sight like a rainbow, on circumcising a baby and on celebrating a marriage, and even on exiting the bathroom. When we meet a king or queen there is an appropriate bracha to be made, when it thunders and lightnings – there’s one for that too. There seems to be a bracha for almost everything we do in our Jewish lives. So how come we don’t have a bracha for sex?

Good question. Anyone?

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Shul Membership Continued

To continue from yesterdays theme about letting a sex offender into one’s shul or not. When there is a risk to the children, the problem does need to be looked at in depth. But I was curious – how would you deal with a convicted felon? Who had served his time – perhaps for murder, manslaughter, or robbery? What about if they are out on bail and have yet to prove their guilt / innocence? What about if it was white collar crime and this person embezzled money or perpetrated a fraud on the government? How about someone who served time, but still maintains his innocence? What about someone who is a known Kofer / Apikores (heretic) and has been vocal about it? Should he be allowed into shul to daven (pray), when you know he doesn’t believe a word he is saying? Someone who entered the country illegally and plans to stay? Someone know for low morals?

Where on earth does one draw the line? Are we not all guilty of some sin to some extent? Have there been any teshuvot (answers) written on the subject?

(I remember when I was dating. I was talking on the phone to someone I had been set up with. Sixth sense made me ask him if he had ever been in prison. After he recovered from his absolute shock that I had thought to ask that, he told me that he had been incarcerated for 5 years, it was ONLY white collar crime, he took the fall for someone else, and that his community backed him up 100%. Needless to say I was not interested in dating a convicted felon especially one who obviously didn’t think he had done anything wrong. But that phrase stuck with me. “Only white collar crime”.)

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Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

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