Happy Mother’s Day, Now Bring Me Coffee….

It’s Mother’s Day. You are a guy. You wake up and your wife is snuggling herself up to you. Do you:

A)    Just hold her tight and tell her how special she is. OR

B)    Tell her to get out of bed and make you some %$#@ing coffee?

Sigh. Since the KoD and I got married almost 15 months ago, whenever he comes up to Montreal he refuses to make coffee. He is afraid of my swanky coffee machine. He is used to a plain percolator and my machine is a little fancier. He’s a smart man, for sure he could figure it out, but it isn’t worth the aggravation.

This morning, soon after we woke up, he suggested that I get up and make coffee, as we both need it. I looked at him, thinking he was totally joking. I mean, given the snuggling  situation and all – did he really want coffee that badly? Apparently he wasn’t joking. I threw back the covers in a huff, shrugged into my bath robe, and stomped off to the kitchen, throwing insults and epithets over my shoulder. “He’s a grown man and doesn’t know how to make his wife a cup of coffee. On Mother’s Day I have to make my own freaking coffee?!!” If there would have been a stiletto shoe lying around I probably would have tossed it at his head. The nerve!! I switched the lights on in the kitchen and blearily, angrily, reached for the coffee. Propped up against the swanky coffee maker that the KoD refuses to use there is a HUGE envelope that had “Happy Mother’s Day” written on it, in the KoD’s handwriting. The sneaky devil!!

I stomped back to the bedroom, yelling at him with a twinkle in my eye. I called him sneaky and mean and he was laughing his head off. I think I might have pummeled him a time or seven. It was the sweetest card ever – not that I cried or anything….

He loves playing tricks on me, my man, and I fall for them every single time. He so has my number.

A little while later he says to me “this isn’t going to be a blog post is it??”

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11 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day, Now Bring Me Coffee….

  1. “A little while later he says to me “this isn’t going to be a blog post is it??””
    As you said a few lines earlier, he SO has your number!!!
    Happy Mother’s Day 😀

  2. lady lock and load

    Good thing you have some time to plot your revenge for Father’s day, cackle cackle!! Happy Mother’s day hadassah, I vote you mom of the year!

  3. Tears of joy for you!
    You sure are one lucky mom, wife and wonderful writer!

  4. Happy mother’s day, Hadassah!

    (It’s not only mother’s day for me, but also my mother’s birthday and… mine…! my sons were busy this morning with wishes)

    I love your ability to blog about everything like that so much! I knew from the get go that KoD was going to end up asking if the episode would end up on your blog, because this is so like you, and I envy your ability! I wish I was finding it so easy to retell all the daily anecdotes, without fearing to hurt feelings and be misinterpreted all the time.

    It’s a gift. I am happy that you have it!

  5. batya from NJ

    happy mother’s day & enjoy the card from the KoD AND enjoy the quality time with the KoD! so glad he is with you today!!

  6. a man who makes you laugh even *before* coffee– priceless! but teach him how to use the coffee maker, okay? 🙂 happy mother’s day!

  7. Oh SNARF! He’s good. He’s very, very good.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  8. You should get a coffee maker with a timer so that it can be set to make coffee automatically in the morning. Small price to pay for shalom bayit.

    Or maybe you can just plug your current coffee maker into a timer?

  9. If they have to ask, it’s DEFINITELY going into a blog post!

  10. Would you be kind enough to teach the Duchess how the Coffee machine works? I always have to make my own.

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