May your strength be straight.

Sometimes being the grown up sucks. A lot. Don’t you ever want to just throw a tantrum like a toddler, and have a warm pair of arms to just hold you tight until the ugly mood has gone away? Don’t you ever get tired of “wearing the big girl panties” and want someone else to make all your problems go away?

We are going through some stuff right now, for sure. Thankfully it’s not health related nor is it relationship related. Me and the KoD, we are rock solid. He continues to be the best thing that has ever happened to us – and I fall in love with him deeper and deeper every day. No matter what is going outside of the two of us, BH we don’t allow it to affect our USness. It’s such a bracha.

Interestingly enough, when he is physically here with me, or if I am there with him, it’s as if NOTHING can hurt me too deeply. I am strong as his strength is infused in me. Almost by osmosis. But put 333 miles between us, and I am easily put adrift once again. Sure we call and email and text throughout the day. It’s never enough though. But my friends, my dear sweet friends pick up that slack. They call and email. They come around with hugs and chocolate and wine. My boys with their effervescence and simple faith are a balm on my soul. They all remind me that I am a strong woman in my own right. I have got through rough times before, and lived to tell the tale. (and how!!)

We are loved not just by our blood family. We are loved by our communities. I cannot tell you how blessed we are to have such warmth surrounding us. Our community here in Montreal and the KoD’s in New York have been so supportive and loving to both of us, to all of us. I guess when your own family is far away you need a circle of people around you to fill that void. The only time I feel alone is when I allow myself that deep wallow in self pity and that is so unnecessary.

Thank you to all of you for reminding me I am strong. Thank you for supporting us through thick and thin. Thank you all for being there for us. May we all celebrate many simchas together.

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One response to “May your strength be straight.

  1. I support you through thick and thin. Though it may be more thick than thin if they keep bringing the chocolate over. 🙂

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