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Awesome Mikvah Video

To learn more about mikvah please click here. To learn more about Mikvah Chana – click here.

Last night’s dream

Babies. Yep. But I think it was an anxiety dream (go figure!!). I had a newborn in the baby carrier car seat thingie and I was trying to get to a meeting at a hotel at which I was presenting a paper, and I kept forgetting some of her paraphernalia. Interesting that the baby was a girl. I would get to the hotel with the baby realizing I forgot to dress her. Went back home, dressed her, came back, had forgotten diapers or the car seat or my papers or something important. Finally she had had enough and started howling to be fed, so I sat down in the middle of Brent Street (!!) to nurse her.

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Awesome tee-shirts!!

From Rotem Gear

Those of you who are members of my Facebook fan page saw recently that I posted a photograph of myself wearing an awesome t-shirt. (Photo below).

This is a fun tee shirt. The word it says on it is a Hebrew word, Malach, which means angel. Wearing it around my religious neighbourhood where most of the Jews read Hebrew certainly gained me some interesting looks but also some giggles and winks, and a few pointed fingers. Of course my friends told me they all know I am no angel, which I guess makes it even funnier. And of course, it has the long sleeves, so it is tzanuah. <GRIN> Just to note, it washes really well, and does not need ironing. So it’s low maintenance, unlike me 😉 .

If you want to be noticed too you must go over to Rotem Gear’s website. She has the most amazing tee shirts in all different styles. Plenty of Jewish tees – obviously my favourite section, but she also has Asian, Vintage, Kids stuff, and Seasonal tees –  for occasions like Valentine’s day and St Patrick’s Day. I love the Funny and Odd section – totally hysterical. You can find something for everyone. Plus these are tees that you will not find anywhere else. Totally unique.

I met Jean Roth, the brains and the beauty behind Rotem Gear, on Twitter. She has lived in the States, in Japan and in Israel. She has an energy and upbeat vibe to her, and that comes out in her tees. Visiting her site is like going to an online multicultural bazaar, where there are all different flavours to choose from.

Her awesome products have been featured online, on TV and in print. Click here to see the wide variety of places that have showcased Rotem Gear. Jean also has a great blog called Full DisClothesure which I love – check in to see what’s new in Jean’s world. (Although I still have no idea who or what the kraken is).

Honestly, I wish I could order most of the tees that are on this site. Just not this one. I don’t think my mum would approve… 😉 !

So go on, do yourself a favour, and hop on over there. You won’t be sorry. www.rotemgear.com

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Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

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