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Taking my yiddishe mama duties seriously. A week today is @kvetchingeditor’s wedding. (Squee!!) Help me to help her and her hubby-to-be not forget anything on the big day and not sweat the small stuff.

What do they need to remember to bring to the hall on the day? What might they need? What did you need but didn’t bring? Any advice on how to get thru this day with family and friends and all that that entails? What was the best thing about your wedding?

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11 responses to “More Wedding Stuff

  1. Just remember to wear a button down shirt while getting your hair done or else you will have to cut off your shirt like I had to!

  2. Both Chatan and Kallah should remember to come. It is generally considered bad form if the m’sader kiddushin has to write the k’tuvah on a napkin because someone forgot to bring it. Also, while any object worth a penny will serve in place of the ring, the chatan should be sure to bring the ring. A minyan is needed for sheva brachot, and you need two kosher witnesses who are not related to the couple or to each other.

    Everything else is small stuff.

  3. the best wedding advice I got was to take a moment to pause (with your new husband) every once in a while and take it all in, cause it’s easy to get caught up in the crazyness and just be rushing from thing to thing until the whole wedding is over…

  4. i got great advice to look around as you walk down the aisle… it was nice to look up and see my chatan, but then to also take a moment to appreciate the number of friends and family who had taken the time and were so happy to share in our simcha!
    also, my wedding was amazing, mostly b/c we had fun. we didn’t care about making sure to say hi to everyone or taking a million posed pictures, we had a fun time with those who were with us, and we made sure to eat!

  5. delegate, delegate this way you can just sit back and enjoy and remember that getting married is the goal, not the flowers, not the music, not a/t else so if a/t goes awry you’ll have forgiveness handy in your pocket. and don’t forget to pray for the things you think you’ll never need also

  6. THANK YOU Hadassah! This is all excellent advice 🙂

    So glad I’m doing my own hair and makeup. I’m a minimalist, but want to keep it simple and skin-friendly. We still have to pick up our ketubah … I must get that done!

  7. lady lock and load

    Ignore annoying relatives….don’t let them put a damper on your special day!
    Mazal tov Chaviva (soon to be Mrs. Kvetching Editer!!)
    P.S. ask someone to save you a piece of the plate from the tanaim and from the glass that is stepped on in the end.

  8. becoming_gana


    The wedding itself goes by so fast. Remember, things happen that are beyond your control (our chuppah poles were too tall for the space we were in..oops!) and in the end it doesn’t really matter. Let go of any drama, and remember this is about you and your Chatan and soak that all in.

    Enjoy it!

  9. Have someone helpful pack up some of the food to take with you after. I didn’t eat half enough at my reception, and I was sooo thankful one of my friends thought to pack some food and slip it into the car before we left.
    Also, food for the yichud room if you will be fasting before hand.
    Mostly just try to make some awesome memories. Small or large things may go wrong (G-d forbid!), but it’s all part of the process. As long as you’re married by the end of it, that’s what matters!

  10. Our good friend Lady DiddlieDee gave me the best advice- Make sure you sit down and enjoy the food. Take the time to eat!! You’ll be more energized to dance afterwards.

  11. Let me rephrase my flippant remarks of this morning. A marriage should be of life-long importance. A wedding is a party to celebrate the marriage–if you got the marriage right, just enjoy the wedding party and don’t let the details worry you.

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