the most awesome wedding pic

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This was the most incredibly amazing photo from the wedding yesterday. @susqhb posted it first – so I imagine it was taken with her camera, even though she is in the picture. This is the group of tweeters / bloggers and spouses doing what they do best at the wedding.

So we have left to right, front row – Mrs GruvenReuven, Stephen Belsky, @RavTex, @susqhb, Moi, @kvetchingeditor,@gruven-reuven‘s son 11, Elianah-Sharon, Aliza Hausman, @ha_safran, @kosheracademic.

Back row – @Gruven-Reuven, the KoD, @schnit, @chicagoLeah is hiding somewhere there….

There are more photos here, on my FB fan page.

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9 responses to “the most awesome wedding pic

  1. Saw that pic last night. Absolutely priceless.

  2. you’re all crazy!!!!

  3. It’d kinda sad to me… Reminds me of when my hubby went to a restaurant in Manhattan with his buddies. They sat atthe bar and BB messengered each other from their stools…
    I mean- C’mon!! LIVE IN LIFE with the LIVING! for those who might have missed it “live”- tough noogies!

  4. !! Is aliza pregnant?!!?? 😀

  5. 😦 Sorry, I was really hoping that was why you stopped blogging as much. You must be standing at a weird angle, then, cause you’re certainly not overweight. Oh well…

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