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Women’s Upkeep

When my kids were small I didn’t spend much time on my appearance. I threw on a jean skirt, a tee shirt and a tichel, and that was it for most days. Special occasions saw me get dressed up, but that didn’t happen often.

Once I had separated and become a single mom, it was suggested to me that I start to do something just for me. Something that would give me some much needed me-time and make me feel good about myself for a bit.

As a teen I was vain about my nails. I grew them as long as possible (and that was long) and painted them in different vibrant colours. Marriage and babies took care of that vanity. Who had time for that kind of upkeep?!

But post-divorce, I decided this was going to be my one indulgence. I had to go the fake nail route as pregnancy and nursing had somehow ruined my nails’ ability to grow long and strong. I went every 10 days to the nail salon, and every time I glanced at my hands, it felt good.

I have recently gotten into doing my nails again – and was trying to work out how much it will cost me per year, and if it is a necessary indulgence. But then, I realized, this is my ONLY indulgence. I do not go to the hair salon often for hair cuts and when I dye my hair I use an at-home kit. I do not go tanning, I do not have a personal trainer nor do I have a gym membership. I do not buy expensive face creams and make up. I wash and style my wigs myself. For all that I like to be put together and look good, I am pretty low maintenance.

But I was curious – as a woman, how much do you (or your wife) spend monthly on esthetics? I am talking hair, waxing, creams, gym, tanning, nails, etc.

If you are a male – how much do you spend monthly on your personal upkeep and what does that include?

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