Life at the Palace

We had a crazy day today. It’s Sunday. Everyone has crazy Sundays, running from here to there and back again, taking care of everything that you couldn’t take care of during the week. KoD introduced me to Costco today. Man – that place is nirvana! Surprisingly though we actually walked out of the store without buying a single thing. I didn’t have my list with me, and I was not going to impulse shop.

In between the insanity I managed to prepare and pop a lasagna in the oven for dinner. It was just the KoD and me for dinner. We had a lovely dinner together, and afterwards both got caught up in different projects.

It’s now 10.20 pm and we decided it’s TV time. It just occurred to me that the sink was still full of dishes that needed to be washed. KoD offered to do them, and I told him, no, go chill in front of the TV, I will join you in a bit after I get them washed.

He got to the kitchen before me. I heard the water running. He had the rubber gloves on, and was soaping up the dishes.

“Dude,” says I, “what are you doing? I said I would wash the dishes.”

“Yeah, but why don’t you go chill in front of the TV until I am finished?” He responds.

Apparently because I cooked dinner he thinks it’s only fair that he does the dishes. I asked him if there was a point to me continuing to beg to do the dishes. He replied in the negative.

Sigh. He’s mine, ladies, all mine and when they made him they threw away the mould. I am loving life at the KoD / QoH palace. Squee!!

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8 responses to “Life at the Palace

  1. batya from NJ

    keep lovin’ your life & the KoD (& keep fighting over who WANTS to do the dishes) until 120 :)!!

  2. I hope the “honeymoon” lasts!

  3. Have I mentioned Craig does the laundry? *AND* folds it. You have your KoD, but I’ve got my Snugglepookie Grumblepuss. 😉

  4. Only right…I cook, the dishes are all his, and vice versa…

  5. *cheers with wine*

  6. Sorry to tell you this Hadassah, but my husband, (retired, I work) gets up and makes my breakfast, packs and puts my lunch in my car and makes dinner, ++++ does the dishes and puts all the remaining food away from dinner. True, it only the two of us (oh it was only u too also). I have asked, many, many, times… can’t I help put the stuff away, etc.etc. etc. No he says, u work hard all day, go and catch up on e mail or do mah jongg on computer and when I am done I will call u and we can watch a little tv. So, hear Hadassah… you only have about 40 years and you might be sitting at the computer and remember this post. Glad u r all together.

  7. till 120 guys, till 120!!!!

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