Woman goes to jail for alienating the kids from their dad and making false accusations. Again – this type of behaviour just does not pay. I think all divorced and divorcing spouses must read this, and understand that there comes a point that they need to sit back and take stock of their behaviour towards their ex, and make the necessary modifications.

As requested by Lady Lock and Load I am throwing up the link here to the Victim of a Parentectomy – an account from a young woman whose mother behaved in a similar manner as the mother in the first story, and who now has re-established a relationship with her father based on truth.

Edited June 9th 2010. A follow up post was printed today. Read it here.

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8 responses to “Yikes!

  1. You are so right this is yikes worthy, all this is terribly sad.
    Just as there is no manual for parenting in general there is not manual for parenting through divorce. As you wrote yesterday, all involved should really keep the best interest of the children in their hearts (and minds).
    Maybe some people need an mantra: “Our children never asked for nor do they deserve to suffer for this. It is time to be the adult.”

  2. batya from NJ

    sad for the kids who will have to deal with having a parent in jail :(!

  3. Yikes, sure enough, but my first reaction is “yikes, this is over publicized” and what about seing one’s family, whoever they are and whatever they have been doing, publicly shamed in the press all over the place, with pictures for everyone to recognize, etc.

  4. Well, I once met personally a woman who was in jail (for 1 year) because she withheld visiting rights.

    In fact, she was alarmed that the father of the child (she was never married to him) abused the girl sexually. But she could not prove it.

    She was a foreigner, the father of the child was a well-to-do lawyer and national of the country were it occured.

    Result: Child custody was transferred to the father (who was never married to the mother), regardless of the fact that he might be abusing the child. Visiting rights were withheld from the mother as long as she does not renounce accusation.

    There are quite a few desperate mothers who know that their child was molested/abused by the father, but cannot prove it so as to satisfy a court.

    So: carefull: this is a double-edged sword, as an outsider you cannot know who is right and whether accusations are founded. If they are, woe to the child.

  5. PS: look how this guy grabs his daughters bellies. One thin is sure: he does not have very clear notions about appropriate and inappropriate touching.

    Well, of course, you can say that this is a matter of common sense, and everyone has his own notions as far as this is concerned.

    But according to the foto, the accusation of fondling his daughter’s breasts seems quite credible to me…

    Where you go from there, I do not know. But put the mother in jail?

  6. lady lock and load

    They are posing for a picture and their FATHER is putting his arms around his girls for the picture. I see nothing inappropriate. The girls look very happy in the picture. It is hard to judge things from a newspaper and we don’t know all the details but one thing is for sure, a kid should not be denied their parent unless he or she is abusive. cute kids, I feel sorry for them.

  7. I completely agree with you:

    “a kid should not be denied their parent unless he or she is abusive.”

    The problem is: if one parent is abusive and there is no proof, the whole thing backfires.

    Just wanted to draw your attention on it.

  8. Oy, I know this guy from Twitter. Yikes, what a sad story.

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