Daily Archives: June 11, 2010


I let the side down, folks. I should be embarrassed to call myself a woman. Well, not really, but….

So here’s what happened. It’s Friday and I am running around trying to get everything done for Shabbat, within the home and kitchen, and outside of the home – dry cleaning, errands etc.

KoD came down to help me unload the car and put away the additional groceries I had just picked up. He loves to help me. He said something that I took the wrong way – and I lost my temper with the sweetest man that ever walked on this earth. I may have slammed a cabinet door or two. I didn’t lose control of my words, I was just making sure that he knew I was ticked off.

I went back out to run more errands, leaving the KoD to go back to his home office to work, and hopefully by the time I got back the two of us would have calmed down. (Not that he was the one who yelled).

Of course, I hate being mad at the KoD and I hate for these types of spats (he won’t call this a fight) to continue and fester. I went into his office to talk. We worked it all out and are back to being sweetness and light. We learned from this and we are moving on.

The KoD hates it when I get angry at him. He and I love each other so much, it bothers him that I lose my temper occasionally, especially with him. People, I did it, I committed a heinous sin. I told him today that I lost my temper because……because I am a woman and therefore emotional. (Please, stop throwing the rotten tomatoes. I feel bad enough as it is). I was desperate….so sue me!!

He laughed so hard, and then had the chutzpah to call me a pseudo-feminist. OUCH!! I cannot believe I stooped that low. How can I ever hold my head up high again?!!

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