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Bravo Israel!

From the JPost:

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved a bill forbidding extremely underweight models to be shown in advertisements, on Sunday.

In addition, using Photoshop and other graphics programs to make models look thinner will be against the law.

The only thing that bothers me is the phrase “extremely underweight” – does that mean that “underweight” is ok?

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He’s ok, he really is

I hate those phone calls, you know, the ones that start with “he’s ok, he really is but..” especially when the subject of that phone call is one of your children.

Friday afternoon the KoD and I were out running a couple of last minute errands and my BB showed a message from my ex asking me if I had a minute to talk. I emailed back that I would be home in 15 minutes, was everything ok? He emailed back that he needed to talk to me about Squiggy. My heart sank. What was going on??

We hustled home as fast as we could and I called my ex. “He’s ok, he really is” he said. “He was running for the bus…” I told him that I cannot hear any more. I had that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. Once you know something you cannot un-know it and my heart had already started to hurt. Basically, a bunch of boys had left school and the bus was at their stop. They were waiting to cross the street to get to it, and Squiggy (without his glasses) decided it was safe to cross the street. He got hit by a car. He picked himself up off the road and got on the bus as if nothing had happened. No calling the police, no calling an ambulance, no nothing.

He is bruised and was shaken (not any more though), my oldest son who saw the whole thing is also very shaken, but otherwise no serious damage done.

This is a kid who has had 4 concussions, 2 broken arms and a broken leg plus multiple strains and sprains. As a kid of 13 he didn’t really think about what could have happened to him. We all have heard those horror stories of kids getting killed crossing the street. God was watching over my Squiggy for sure, but what an awful scare for him, his brother and us, his parents.

Let’s not even talk about the irrational guilt I feel at having been so far away.

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I don’t see why

I hate wearing glasses. It doesn’t matter how swanky the glasses or how well they suit, I just don’t like how I look in them. At all. I have worn contact lenses since I was about 16. I started back then with these gas permeable lenses – I had to wear them an hour the first day, two hours the second day, etc, until my eyes adjusted to them. Fast forward 20 odd years and the contact lenses are so soft and so comfortable.

In Canada, when it was time to replace my lenses, I would order online (with coupon codes at the ready) and within 48 hours I would have my lenses in my hands. All I needed was a valid credit card, and to know what prescription my eyes were. I took the numbers for the prescription off the last box I had used. I do get regular eye checks – once in two years. My eyes really haven’t changed, though.

So I am hanging out here with the KoD and realize I am out of lenses, and the prices on 1800-Contacts are better than the Canadian prices, so I figure I will order from there. They ask for your doctor’s name and number to check the prescription. As do most if not all of the American sites. So I tried a few other online sites in the USA. They all insist on checking with your eye doctor before filling your order. I actually went ahead and ordered on one of these sites, seeing if they would call my eye doc in Montreal. They did and my prescription is over a year old therefore they are refusing my order and my money.

Just now, I ordered a few months’ worth of contact lenses on the Canadian website (to be delivered to my Canadian address), and not once was I asked to fax my prescription or for contact info for my eye doctor. I wonder why this is. Are there regulations in USA that they cannot dispense contact lenses without a current prescription, or does Canada not care – after all, it’s your own eyes you are putting them in!


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