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WWYD – Credit Card

So I just ran a bunch of errands – it is Friday, after all. A friend knew I was going out and asked me to pick up a bunch of stuff for her too, because she couldn’t leave the house today. I said sure, no problem. She wanted to give me her credit card to pay for her things. I wouldn’t take it. It’s illegal to use someone else’s card. I won’t even use the KoD’s card. To me it’s just wrong. I told her she can give me a cheque or cash afterward to cover the debt. She kept insisting, I kept refusing and eventually I won.

Apparently there are people who have no problem trusting others with their credit card. My friend knows I wasn’t going to go out and blow her money on something. But that isn’t the point. To me it’s wrong, plain and simple.

What would you have done? Have you used someone else’s credit card with their consent? Do you allow others to use your card?

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Modern Orthodox man not allowed to be counted in minyan

This kind of behaviour so sickens me. I read this story somewhere else. A woman’s husband works a lot in Lakewood. The family themselves are Modern Orthodox, and live near but not in Lakewood. He had made enquiries about going to a shacharit minyan in Lakewood as he is there so often. He was told by a Lakewood contact that:

he needs to be careful to only go to a minyan that already has 10 men because they may not be able to count him in the minyan due to his “heretical beliefs.”

This family keeps Shabbat, Kashrut, Taharat Hamishpacha and the husband learns as much as he can. But, he wears a kippah srugah – a knitted kippah, and his wife doesn’t wear the Lakewood “uniform”. Their kids go to Modern Orthodox schools and are allowed to watch TV… Surely this is no reason to exclude anyone from a minyan? Because he is not a black hatter? Seriously, people, I want to believe that this is not true. Because if it is then my boys will never be accepted as part of a minyan in Lakewood. But, if they don a black hat, all of a sudden it’s all good?? And, aren’t there other Modern Orthodox folk in Lakewood? It’s not totally yeshivish, to my understanding.

I want to think that the person that spoke to the husband was just projecting his own concerns and issues, and didn’t speak for Lakewood as a whole. I cannot believe that there would be such unwritten rules in a place of such deep learning as Lakewood.


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