Daily Archives: June 21, 2010

Hello Montreal!!

I am up here to see the boys and squish them all hard, to see Prince HockeyFan graduate from elementary school (oh the nachas), see the boys and squish them all hard, take care of some personal business, see the boys and squish them all hard, visit with some friends, and buy some kosher digestive biscuits! And see the boys and squish them all hard.

A Montreal friend of ours, DW, was in NY for a wedding, and very generously offered me a ride up with him, so I wouldn’t have to shlepp on the bus. We listened to cantorial music most of the way up – which was awesome! I love chazzanut and one of the CDs was the London Jewish Male Choir singing some of my favourites from when I was a girl. Was a wonderful trip down memory lane. (Note to self, check to see if I can upload some of this awesome music to my iPod).

I already miss the KoD something chronic – saying good bye to him last night was so hard. I hate missing him! I cannot wait until we are ALL together under one roof in the US of A.

If you are looking for me this morning you will find me buried under a huge pile of mail with my name on it…. 🙂

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