Daily Archives: June 22, 2010

Kids and technology

Oh Squiggy and Lenny, how I love you both. GRIN. I was so happy that you wanted to videotape your brother’s graduation. We sat down, went through the program, and made sure you knew what I wanted to be taped. What I neglected to remind you was that the HandyCam captures all the noise around it, including your asides to each other while listening to the Rebbeim speak. It certainly made for interesting playback today. Mmhmm. But thanks to your volunteering, I was able to put together a lovely little video for Prince HockeyFan to remember his Grade 6 graduation – something that I will hold on to forever.

Oh, and darlings? Next time, don’t try to do fancy things with the camera, such as try to stand the principal or Rosh Yeshivah on his head in your viewfinder. It might be funny for you…..but for the viewer,…….. not so much.

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WWYD – text messaging

Recently I was at a public gathering, where out of respect for the purpose of the evening I turned off my BlackBerry. I would have hoped most people would have done the same. There was a lady sitting next to me who not only didn’t turn her phone off, she didn’t even put it on vibrate. The whole evening she was texting back and forth with friends – the annoying chirp every time a new message came in was disruptive. At one point I was extremely irritated – and out of the corner of my eye was able to read the text messages she received and was sending. Pure fluff.

I kept my mouth shut because she is someone well respected in this community, but I still feel I should have asked her to turn it off.

What would you have done?

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