With knobs on!

I was driving our van today, and as soon as I arrived and put the car in Park, the gear shift knob kind of exploded. The button at the side flew out of the handle, the interior spring followed suit, and then the knob fell off in my hand. What on earth??? I tried to get it back on, got my hand covered in glue that was on the shifter where the knob had been. Not good. KoD called the car dealership where we bought it, and I bounced over there, 5 kids in tow. (Yeah, we picked up an extra one on the way). The shifter works, it just needs a little finessing to get it to the right gear.

So we sat around the dealership for the best part of an hour, only to be told by the young upstart mechanic that there was nothing wrong with the knob and he finds it in perfect working order. I felt like taking him by the scruff of his neck and shaking him. Instead I politely disagreed with him, and asked him to take me to my vehicle so I could demonstrate just how wrong he was. The dude was sooo sure of himself. Ha! I showed him how that button widget thing sticks and doesn’t pop back out after the gear is changed. “Well, it didn’t happen like that for me” he says, pouting. Why would I bother wasting an hour of my time in a waiting room with 5 boys aged 8-14 if the thing wasn’t really broken? I mean, come on!!

Totally proved the guy wrong. Made him order the part. Thankfully it is under warranty. Meanwhile we have to manage with a sticky shift…I wonder what made it explode. Its not like I bench press 300 daily and don’t know my own strength. (Ok stop laughing, it isn’t that funny!)

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