Licensed to what? A Rant

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to this world if we all had to pass parenting exams before they allowed us to procreate. Adoption and fostering are regulated. If you are a certifiable idiot they don’t let you have the honour of adopting a child. Heck, sometimes even if you are certifiably normal they find a reason to reject you.

Case in point, and bear in mind I am tired and hungry right now and don’t really care about being politically correct. I popped in to the local 7-11 which is apparently a cool place to hang out – kosher slurpies etc… On my way thru the parking lot I noticed a mama-wagon (a van) parked with the engine running, no one in the driver’s seat. Hmm. Peered in thru the window – not one, but TWO sleeping toddlers safely buckled in their car seats. The car was unlocked – I could have just opened the door, and driven away, because the keys were in the ignition.

What the hell, woman? I understand you need to run an errand and the kids fell asleep in the car. That happened to me many a time when the kids were little. And I get that you left the air conditioning on so that they didn’t boil to death, but come on – someone could have driven away with your babies!! In the 5 minutes it took for you to drop off or pick up your dry cleaning or buy a coffee – poof, kids, gone!! How is this ok?!! I watched thru the window of the 7-11 while I was paying for my coffee. She was gone for the 4 minutes it took me to prepare and pay for my coffee. As I exited the store she sauntered up to her car, gabbing on her phone, and nonchalantly drove off, taking for granted that her kids would still be there.

Maybe I am just an old curmudgeon these days, but I wanted to severely berate her for not caring enough…..

What are your thoughts?

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12 responses to “Licensed to what? A Rant

  1. batya from NJ

    i’ve heard plenty of horror stories of kids being kidnapped b/c of negligence like this :(! TG nothing happened to the babies but it was very risky to do what she did…

  2. lady lock and load

    I would have stayed outside near the car so the babies would be safe and then I would have told off the mother when she came back.

  3. shualah elisheva

    i’m even worse than you, hadassah, because i would have called the police or a rabbi. some sort of authority figure. i’m not sure who is more appropriate, but this mother needed to be scared straight.

    it would be one thing if she had bolted off in the midst of a medical emergency. but the fact that she sauntered nonchalantly back to her vehicle while talking on the phone…?


    • shualah elisheva – or a rabbi

      A Rabbi? For what? It’s not like she used the wrong color tablecloth on shabbos or had a question about the color of a different kind of cloth!

      • I can not claim to speak for shualah elisheva but if you read her sentence she wrote “police or a rabbi. some sort of authority figure”
        Calling the police can have a devastating effect on the family. Why go to such a drastic measure. Calling some sort of authority figure, such as a rabbi, who can possibly influence the mom would make more sense than right away calling the police.
        Rabbi here is used in the sense of someone who can influence the mom. Not because of their ability to pasken a sheala

      • shualah elisheva

        t.fox1 had it correct. i meant an authority figure who would be, perhaps, both a little more understanding to an individual’s situation and a little less bound by legal stringency.

        sometimes we jump too quickly to legal remedies, so that’s why i mentioned a rabbi as intermediary.

        • shualah, realistically though, i doubt that a rabbi would come running over to the scene in this kind of situation & i am certainly not anti-rabbis (in fact, my own father is a wonderful orthodox rabbi). but in all likelihood the offending mom in the story, wouldn’t even know the rabbi that was called to the scene & would therefore most likely not have even bothered to listen to him b/c he probably wouldn’t be someone that she knew or respected etc…one thing about the police is that they would be more likely to respond to the scene more quickly but i’m not sure that i would involve them. i think i would probably try to talk some sense into the mom even though it would probably go in 1 ear & out the other, sadly enough…

  4. I disagree. First, were u sure she was a frum person. Secondly, I would have called the police, or maybe just waited for her to come and and read her the riot act. I did that once to a couple, grandparents, who took a beautiful 3 or 4 year old to the movies, Airplane and it was scary the child cried through most of the movie. I let them have it when we walked out and told them I thought that their behavior was like child abuse and that when the child cannot sleep tonight they should know why. Furthermore I told them that I bet they would not take her to a nice restaurant so why not get a sitter. They were shocked, gave me a dirty look and walked away from me. The people I was with said I was wrong… but who cares what they said.. to this day I feel I did the right thing.

  5. Mel from Monsey

    Welcome to Monsey!! During the school year toddlers 3-5 are waiting for school buses and not an adult in sight. What you saw may be a little bit over the top; but certainly not surprising. I’m surprised that she wasn’t busy with 2 phones. Rest assured she did not have a blue tooth while driving.

    • you sound so cavalier – or is it resigned? do people really not care that much about their kids here?! it’s scary how quickly these types of situations can turn bad….

  6. I’ll probably take a lot of heat on this one, but realistically, how often does a stranger steal children? Or mini-vans? I understand what the mom did was dangerous, and probably not something I would do, but on a scale of one to 10, it’s not the kid of thing that would really push my buttons. I think I’ve been in the Israeli culture of leaving your stroller outside the market/shop when you go in for this to shock me.

    • You have been in Israeli culture too long. Also you don’t remember our most recent trip to the US, when driving in PA, and we needed to stop for restroom breaks and coffee, I suggested that we park in front of the store, lock the car with the sleeping children in it, as I would be able to see the locked and alarmed vehicle while I picked up snacks for our journey and you used the restroom. Do you remember the tirade you gave me over that one?

      The US and US cities are simply more dangerous in this respect, as you remind me constantly whenever we are there. Its not Jerusalem where the five year old is sent to the market with a list, money, agulah and his/her three year old sibling in tow.

      Considering the cultural differences and the dangers, I agree with Hadassa… it was a bad move.

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