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Sigh. Bored? Me? Ha Ha Ha!!

It’s 10pm and I am finally able to put my feet up for a bit. Well, until the boys need to be reminded that it’s way past their bedtime and if they plan on getting up for minyan in the morning they need to get a wriggle on and get to bed.

My day started at 6.30 when I got up to make coffee. Woke a few kids and sent them off to shul. Supervised breakfast and tooth brushing and room organization. Ran a boatload of errands, did 6 loads of laundry, did some more house stuff, did a few hours worth of paperwork, fed the kids, took them to a friend’s pool (we walked, 20 minutes, in 100 degree heat) where I played lifeguard, swim teacher and fight breaker upper….oh, and awesome cannonball doer. But it was soooo glorious to be in a pool today. (Actually, they call it their “ool” 😉 for obvious reasons.)

Came home, KoD managed to convince the kids to get showered and chlorine-less (after I spent time frustratedly trying to talk them into it), while I got supper on the table for the kids and KoD, managed to grab a bite myself, and off we trotted to Costco.

Came home, unloaded, rejiggered the pantry to fit everything in while swatting away grabby little hands that wanted the trail mix “now”. Folded a couple of loads of laundry, fielded a phone call or seven, cleaned up the kitchen and finally took a shower of my very own.

And then I logged on to one of the many messageboards I frequent to see a mom post with this title “SAHM and Bored”. You know what I have to say to that? HA HA HA!!! I would love to be bored. Seriously. When was the last time I watched a TV program just because it was on and I had nothing to do? (what a concept!!). If the kids weren’t here it would never get watched. Even if I had nothing Stay At Home Mommy-ish to do I have a task list 17 and a half miles long of stuff to do when I have finished my regular stuff. We all know that list is staying that long and will get longer.

I am thrilled I have such a full life and have no time to be bored. A little me-time wouldn’t go amiss though. A little more KoD and me time would also be awesome. But I will take what I have and enjoy the hurly burly and the busyness. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Sweet Dreams!

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Dear Water Board

I do understand that we are going through a major heat-wave right now. I do understand that you want us to be careful with how much water we use, and to conserve water when and where we can. I do understand that it is important that you pass this message on to all of your consumers. But is there a reason that you had to call so early in the morning? We had two calls from you before 6.45 am!! Yes, we were awake, barely – but when the phone rings that early one’s heart jumps momentarily – that wasn’t fair. Why could such a phone call not have waited till a decent hour – like 8 am, when the coffee drinkers are fully caffeinated and more able to process your message?


A cranky consumer….

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